Monday, 28 February 2011

VIDEO: I'll Make Like To You

One for all those Bffs and Friendzoners out there. Lol and Fail at the same time

That time again..


Voice Over video #2, this one is an Afrikaans Ad Mock-up. :) Enjoy! Of sal ek se, GENIET!

PODCAST: 28/02/11

Podcast #3! A bit shorter than the other two, and I'm going to try to keep it to this length, so ja. Enjoy and share!!


Friday, 25 February 2011

MUSIC VIDEO: I Need a Doctor - Dre, Em, Skylar

Whoa. This is an epic video of epic proportions. Giving us insight into the journey Dr Dre took to get where he is, with some INTENSE spitting from Em, and some HAUNTING singing from Skylar, all makes for an intriguing video..

Thursday, 24 February 2011

LOLCATS: Thumbs up!

Hehe, we love lolcats here at Random Arbjects, and this kitteh is no different! He can make a thumbs up! That's super awesome. :)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

PRODUCT: Phillips Earphones (BAAAAAD)

We all use stuff! So in this section I'll review things that I got myself, and say if they're GOOD! Or just FONG KONG, BOMBAAI, LOW BUDGET FAIIIIL BAD!

These are the Phillips earphones I got last month, read ONE MONTH AGO. We all know headphones usually break over time, it happens. And they usually break because the little wires inside the cord become loose, and then you're left with one ear playing, and then eventually no ear playing. This irritates the crap outta me, and makes me want to learn electronic stuff, then I could also own a bad-ass solder contraption thingy like my colleague at work, and it can double up as a stun stick for baddies. :)

Anyhoo, the first thing I noticed after opening this product (after struggling nearly a half hour to get it open, it was packaged in those plastic holders that are impossible to open without anything sharp at hand, see, here the solder thing would already come in handy!) is that the cord was SHORT! It reached my ears from my pocket just just and there was always tension in the cord when I walked around. Knowing that all earphones break in the cords first, I had a latent fear that would come to fruition MUCH sooner than anticipated. The other day, while walking to the station, *record dying sound* it failed on the one side. I tried to manoeuver the wires and cord to get them in the right place so they can play, but to no avail, and I was SUPER PISSED! Because these earphones ACTUALLY HAVE GOOD SOUND QUALITY, great bass, nice treble sounds, very decent sound for just under a R100, but as with most things, you get what you pay for, and they're now dead, totally.


I got them over other brands, because I thought Phillips was a good, well-known, trusted brand.

I was wrong.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


This is the start of a series of videos I made. It's mock voice overs that I wanna use as a voice over demo, coz I think I've got a better voice that some other mofos you hear in every day media!

#1 is inspired by Bongani's etv ramblings, but NOT an impression of him, it's also inspired by the MOVIE VOICE guys that do the VOs for the big movie promos, it might not be Optimus Prime, but it's RANDOM!! Expect #2 (an Afrikaans ad VO) next week!

Watch in HD if you can please!!

VIDEO: Shadow sword fighting!

Imagine my delight upon finding out that shadow sword fighting is actually taken seriously somewhere in the world! I used to be so good at air-guitar's distant cousin! Lol. This video is an absolutely brilliant combonation of swordmanship and graphics and creativity.

MUSIC VIDEO: Wonderman - Tinie and Ellie

Since exploding onto the scene I've had mixed feelings about Tinie's style, liked some of his stuff, and not liked some of his stuff, but this I think is his best all-round song, and Ellie Goulding's voice suits the singing bits, and the music video is great (at times, if you skip the stoopid 'working-out-like-find-me-in-the-club-50-cent part) so enjoy!


Natalie Leaver is our second Random Arbjects Babe of the Week, a spunky, sharp-witted girl, who studied 3D design and animation, and is now a freelance designer.


Age: 22

Interests: LANing and gaming, being creative, watching movies

Likes: Trying new things, night time, salty snacks

Dislikes: Peas or beans, spiders, dishonesty

Pretty on the outside and on the inside, she's pretty deep as well, and not afraid to express how she feels, also, she's an ardent gamer, which we wholeheartedly appreciate. :D

Two more pictures of her here:



Monday, 21 February 2011

Music Video: Rihanna Boobies!

It's actually Kanye West's 'All of the Lights' with extra vocals by a myriad of other artists including Kid Cudi, but you can't argue, you prolly skipped straight to Rihanna's part, lol. I don't really like Kanye or Rihanna, but above and beyond the tard-mode-inducing light show and Riri's A-cup boobs all over the show, it's actually one of his best songs he's released in a long while, enjoy..

PODCAST: 21/02/11

Aaaaand it's podcast #2! Filled with anecdotes of stuff and things of life and whatever. Sound is puuurrrrfect on this one. :)

I also realized I say 'so ja' and 'bla bla bla' way to much. :O


Music down here

Friday, 18 February 2011

VIDEO CLASSIC: How Could She Slap

Proof that raising your hand to a woman, no matter how much she deserves it, DOES NOT WORK OUT!!!

VIDEO: Body slap fail!

Video's like this you can watch over and over again, simply because you cringe everytime!!!

VIDEO: Old Spice Komodo

Yet another brilliant ad for Old Spice. Clever cameras and props, as usual!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

VIDEO CLASSIC: Deep DeepTrouble

Haha, this was cool back in the day!!

VIDEO CLASSIC: Timothy Traddle

Remember this?!




AAAAND the latest addtition to the clamour of wanting to be a guy for a while...

I! DON'T! GET! THIS! What's the fascination about being a guy, I know, guys treat women like shit, and they come and go as they please, and they're pigs, and bla bla, but those are just the players, the chauves, the douches! Most men make the 40-year-old-virgin error and PUT THE PUSSY ON A PEDESTAL, and it is in fact normal guys who should make songs like this, 'I'm gonna treat you like a stalker, gonna play mind games with yooooou, never reply, always be bitchy, make a fool outta yooooou!'

VIDEO: Awesome Living Room!

This is a video of a very creative living room. It changes at a whim!! Might not be practical, but it will be cool to use a technique like this for a display area or a gallery or something in your house!! It uses 2 projectors and some clever video skillzors!! Here's what the creators had to say:

'We created an unique physical 3D video mapping experience by turning a white living room into a spacious 360° projection area.
This technique allowed us to take control of all colors, patterns and textures of the furniture, wallpapers and carpet. All done with 2 projectors.'

ENjoy the vid!!

Living Room from Mr.Beam on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

SPORT: Raheem Sterling for Liverpool

MOTHER'S CAT!! Kenny Daglish has included this 16 year old dude in his squad for the Europa League tie, and this is why, 5 goals in the FA Youth Cup, a star in the distance for Liverpool!


WHOOOOOOA!!! SEIZURE ALERT!!! This trailer for Marvel V Capcom is frikken epic!!! So many characters!!! So many attacks!! This game almost makes me want to get myself a PS3!! Lol. (PC gamer am I) it looks super awesome! Not any fancy 3d gameplay, just pure, unadulterated, 2d, side-on SKOP SKIET EN DONNER!!

VIDEO: Gattuso Headbutt

O my hat, I watched about 20 minutes of this game, and Gattuso spent that whole 20 minutes SCOLDING out Spurs players like a bitch! Seriously, he's a midfield hard man, but for a hard man, he sure whines like a wuss! Crouch, Pienaar, Van Der Vaart and everyone else all got an earfull from him, but THIS, was just too much! I mean, come on, these guys are supposed to be PROFESSIONALS, and get paid GROSS amounts of money to play a game they love, there's no need for such idiotic behaviour!


So, after many years of secrecy, it seems Coke's secret recipe has been EXPOSED!! Hmpf! I've heard it's hidden in a vault somewhere, but apparently NOT!!

It was found on some old picture published a good while back, and now people are trying it out, here's the picture in question:

If you want to read the recipe, it's IN THIS LINK, so ja! Make it, and tell me if it tastes like Coke!! Coz I'm certainly not gonna waste my time getting all these ingredients, if I can just go get me a coke from the shop! Lol!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

VIDEO: Messi + Adidas

I LOVE FOOTBALL ADS!!!! And this one is no different! Awesome!

TRAILER: X-Men First Class

I don't watch movies for storylines, so as to not be disappointed when the story turns out stale/boring/predictable (90% of the time), but this looks interesting, it will detail what happened to form Professor Xavier and Magneto, and it looks cool! (by cool I mean explosions, action and mutant goeters)

PRODUCT: Takkie Brite (GOOD!)

We all use stuff! So in this section I'll review things that I got myself, and say if they're GOOD! Or just FONG KONG, BOMBAAI, LOW BUDGET FAIIIIL BAD!

We've all got white takkies right? Don't you just HATE it when they get dirty?! Yup, I do. So, when I recently acquired a nice pair of White Cortez takkies, I told myself I HAVE to go to Tekkie Town to see what they offer in Takkie maintenance! So I went, and got this, 'Takkie Brite'

What it is, is a takkie cleaner, that can be used on all types of takkies and colours, to soak takkies in or to spot clean them.

I tried it as a spot cleaner, and it made my takkies (which were involved in a mega street soccer episode by accident, and was quite stained) super duper clean!! :D

So if you've got some takkies to clean, don't hesitate to get this, it's only 30 bucks! Sadly though, if you own a pair of Buffalos, there's no hope for you, throw those away! Lol.

I Don't Want To Love You - Spenelo

Click to play!

Monday, 14 February 2011


At first when I heard it I was like WTF!!! Second time, I shat myself laughing. :)

Lol and share this!! :D

PODCAST: 14/02/11

Soooo, here it is, the first Random Arbjects Podcast, which is basically me jibber jabbering about everything topical, haha, and (non)surprisingly, it contains nothing about Failentines day, one side note though, my condenser mic has a little minus 10db setting on it, and it's usually on when I record, but NOT on when I SKype, so the sound was a bit loud, but I rectified it, so listen up and enjoy!



Saturday, 12 February 2011

VIDEO: Great Goal

Sigh. Anyone who's not a United fan, CANNOT STAND Manchester United fans, because they suck anus, but I love Football, and I love spectacular goals, and Bulldog Rooney scored a soccergasmic goal today, as the myriad of United fans surely let you know on various social networks, well, the video is available on some places online, and I found one!! Enjoy.

VIDEO: Crazy Mario Kart IRL

This is a video of a guy playing Mario Kart IRL (In Real Life) and he is crazy!! Just imagine if someone must try something like this in South Africa!?! He'll be eaten ALIVE by taxis!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

TIP: How to change your Favicon on blogger!!

What on earth is a favicon?! It's this, the little icon next to your site's name on your browser

That personalizes a site, so that when you see it in your bookmarks bar, you'll know what it is, simply by viewing the icon!! I've never seen blogger sites have their own favicon before, but I know that blogger is HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE!! So I googled it, and found it!!


And as you can see...it works...*everyone suddenly looks up at Random Arbjects' LOVELY favicon* :) Lol. And no real html or programming knowledge is required, I know the VERY BASICS, LIKE VERY BASICS of html, and I could do it, did I say that my html knowledge was the BARE MINIMUM AND I STILL GOT IT RIGHT?! Yes! Don't be disheartened by the freaky deaky html code, you can do it TOO!!

VIDEO CLASSIC: Breakfast - LeLe (slightly NSFW)

This is a great tune, with a whacked out 2d animation video that is sure to stick in your head after listening to it! Enjoy!

VIDEO: McDonald Insanity

Long since a favourite in the office, this is the test of a TRUE INTERNETTER!! If you survive this FULL video, and come out on the other side with your sanity in tact, then you know, you are a true internetter!!

I wish you good luck!


We all know the suave Old Spice guy or the well-created, sleek-transition ads, like in here >> AWESOME OLD SPICE VIDEO << BUt these Old Spice ads use Terry Crews as the Old Spice Protagonist, and he does it with VIGOUR AND VERVE!


TIP: What the Font

This is a great utility for anyone working with fonts. Let's say you've been given a title to do, but with a font you don't have, and all you have is a reference image, you can go to this site >> What the font << and upload your reference picture (may I suggest you draw it over in photoshop with the pentool to make it clearer) then it will first ask you to choose the characters of the word you uploaded, then it will give you different fonts that are near to the reference you loaded!

I've literally JUST done it, and it found the font I was looking for, now I can go on with my work!! Yay!!

Anyhoo, enjoy it graphics peoples!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Seriously moeg of International models plastered all over the show, because I know we have some POTENTLY hawt chicks here in Cape Town, so I introduce HOMEGROWN BABE OF THE WEEK. How does it work?? Well. It's easy. You send your hot pics to random.arbjects@gmail.com, and our panel of judges decides who the babe of the week is, if the winner is you, YOU THEN WIN A FREE SHOOT and some tweaks done to your pics. :D If you're interested, or know anyone who will be interested in being a Homegrown Random Arbjects babe of the week, let her know and share this page with her!

Our first babe is Rochelle Petersen, vivacious, fun-loving BSc. physiotherapy student.


Likes: music music music, reading and sometimes cooking.

Dislikes: fakesterz/wannabes, sturvy peeps and liarz, rice!

This bubbly lady has brains, beauty and is very down-to-earth considering her super hawtness, and epitomizes the sort of random/fun people of Random Arbjects. :D

Here's two more pics of her.



VIDEO: Wine Fail

I'm not a Red/White wine drinker per se, but I won't mind a glass every now and then, but if you are, this must be one the saddest videos you'll ever see!! It's a wine fail of note!

That time of the year again...

I have some awesome news!! I've just gotten hold of a prize possession!! The manuscript of our dear President Jacob Getefunnyname Zuma's state of the nation address!!


This is a momentus, exclusive occasion!!


You will find this nowhere else, but on this blog!!


You'll be the first to lay your eyes upon this rare piece of Jacob Zuma.


And this will explain a lot about his level of intellectual genius and speech delivery!!


Following now is an exerpt from his speech...








I could post the other 23 450 pages of this speech, but something tells me I won't have enough time.


SO ja. NOW, you understand the essence of our great President's speeches!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

VIDEO: Bridgestone

This is such a well shot, clever, and down right mad ad! I dig the part where he went ARRRRRGH! And the other part where he went ARGGGGGGH! LOl. :D

WEBCOMICS: Zapiro on Zuma Heaven


SPORT: Reina might go!

Rumour has it that Pepe Reina, Liverpool's rock in the sticks, is on his way out of Melwood at the end of the season, to play for, wait for it, UNITED! He dropped hints in a radio interview that he 'would love to challenge for titles' but 'Liverpool hasn't been doing that in the last few years' and about the rumours of him moving to United he said, 'He can't do anything, because he's still under (a 6 year) contract at Liverpool. It's understandable though, we don't expect the Spaniards to have loyalty to an English team, but going from Liverpool to United!! No-one has done that since the 1930s!! O well, he was a good servant for Liverpool, and if he does go, I just hope they replace him with a good ENglish keeper.


I haven't been to the cinema lately. Partly due to Ster Kinekor's sneaky hike of prices at all Junction cinemas from R12.50 to R25, and I'm so tired on Tuesday evenings to get the half-price special with the card, but ja, THIS is one movie I'd LOVE to see! The animation looks stunning, the voices are good and the story, although probably cliche, looks interesting, I don't usually go to movies expecting to be blown away by stories, because you inevitably end up disappointed most of the time, but because this movie looks so good, it gets a REALLY WANNA WATCH IT from me. :D

Monday, 7 February 2011

Welcome to your New home of Random

From the Master of Lolz, comes the upgrade of the Random Lolz. Random Arbjects' blog! My fb page is way to full with all these links and articles, so from now on, they'll be on here! And best of all is, you don't even need to sign up to comment, if you've got a gmail, which most of you have, then you'll be able to sign in with that and BOEF!BA!BANG! you can comment. :D