Tuesday, 15 February 2011

PRODUCT: Takkie Brite (GOOD!)

We all use stuff! So in this section I'll review things that I got myself, and say if they're GOOD! Or just FONG KONG, BOMBAAI, LOW BUDGET FAIIIIL BAD!

We've all got white takkies right? Don't you just HATE it when they get dirty?! Yup, I do. So, when I recently acquired a nice pair of White Cortez takkies, I told myself I HAVE to go to Tekkie Town to see what they offer in Takkie maintenance! So I went, and got this, 'Takkie Brite'

What it is, is a takkie cleaner, that can be used on all types of takkies and colours, to soak takkies in or to spot clean them.

I tried it as a spot cleaner, and it made my takkies (which were involved in a mega street soccer episode by accident, and was quite stained) super duper clean!! :D

So if you've got some takkies to clean, don't hesitate to get this, it's only 30 bucks! Sadly though, if you own a pair of Buffalos, there's no hope for you, throw those away! Lol.

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