Tuesday, 8 February 2011

SPORT: Reina might go!

Rumour has it that Pepe Reina, Liverpool's rock in the sticks, is on his way out of Melwood at the end of the season, to play for, wait for it, UNITED! He dropped hints in a radio interview that he 'would love to challenge for titles' but 'Liverpool hasn't been doing that in the last few years' and about the rumours of him moving to United he said, 'He can't do anything, because he's still under (a 6 year) contract at Liverpool. It's understandable though, we don't expect the Spaniards to have loyalty to an English team, but going from Liverpool to United!! No-one has done that since the 1930s!! O well, he was a good servant for Liverpool, and if he does go, I just hope they replace him with a good ENglish keeper.

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