Thursday, 10 February 2011

That time of the year again...

I have some awesome news!! I've just gotten hold of a prize possession!! The manuscript of our dear President Jacob Getefunnyname Zuma's state of the nation address!!


This is a momentus, exclusive occasion!!


You will find this nowhere else, but on this blog!!


You'll be the first to lay your eyes upon this rare piece of Jacob Zuma.


And this will explain a lot about his level of intellectual genius and speech delivery!!


Following now is an exerpt from his speech...








I could post the other 23 450 pages of this speech, but something tells me I won't have enough time.


SO ja. NOW, you understand the essence of our great President's speeches!!


  1. lol I THOUGHT it was the actual speech. But aai its seems its a must for politicians to talk like this.

    "Nooo comrade! I em currently embaaking on a jerneeeeeey!"

  2. It is actually an excerpt from his first SOTN address, lol. I was just trying to demonstrate how VESIN he reads!