Thursday, 10 March 2011


Yup, I know I've got your attention now! Hehe, well, in South Africa, this term does not make sense. When we think POLITICS, we only think BAD THINGS! Right? RIght! And most definitely, we DO NOT think HOT, to display this, I give you three of Jacob Zuma's roost of wives, listening INTENTLY to their main man's craptalk, I mean, 'speech'


Well, there ARE in fact HOT politicians ELSEWHERE in the world, and now I bring you SEVEN!! In no particular order...

#1 Mara Carfagna - Italy

A former showgirl and topless model, she went into tv later on in her life and from there to politics and she is now the Equal Oppurtunities Minister, we ain't complainin!

#2 Yuri Fujikawa - Japan

is a politician and a city council member in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. She is an independent conservative and is a member of the Liberal Democratic Club.

#3 Queen Rania - Jordan

Not a politician per se, but indeed a very important woman! She is, as her title allures, the Queen of Jordan, and one of her strong points is advocating for education of Jordans children, and indeed the world, and she's also super hawt!

#4 Julia Bonk - Germany

Lol, with a name like that she already won my heart, but I've got a thing for redheads as well, and she is on fire! She is a Left Party politician in the Landtag of Saxony. She became the youngest member of German parliament when elected at age 18.

#5 Lucina Leon - Peru

She belongs to the Peruvian Aprista Party and is a Congresswoman representing Lima for the 2006-2011 term. She also adds blonde hotness to this list

#6 Orly Levy - Israel

is an Israeli politician who currently serves as a member of the Knesset for Yisrael Beiteinu. She previously worked as a model and television host. Can you believe she's 37 already?? Mmm mmm mmm

#7 Eunice Olsen - Singapore

Former Miss Singapore, Singapore's youngest member of parliament when she was elected in 2004. And one of THE hottest ladies on this here list!

SO YES! I'm hoping one day a gorgeous political phoenix will arise from the ashes that is South African politics, and save us with actual brains and dazzle us with natural beauty and wow us with genuine philanthropy, but until that day, you can bookmark this post, and oogle to your hearts content. :)



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