Wednesday, 2 March 2011


GOOD! I have your attention. Yes, this post is actually about big boobs. Do you like them? Do you have them? What makes them so fascinating? I've got to be honest with you, I'm not a 'Boob Guy' per se. I'm more of an 'Entire Collective Aesthetic Guy'. You can have big boobs, but if your face rivals a toilet-seat for good looks, it's kinda no use. I see many a female on my daily commute, and I can't pinpoint EXACTLY what I find attractive. Sometimes a chick can be thin and wirey, but something about her >CLICKS< and she's like super hot, but then others can be chunky and have a badonkadonk, and I'll be like daayyyam, that's hot. So ja, boobs don't always do it for me, although, sometimes you can't help but look! I sometimes find myself saying, SHE'S NOT HER BOOBS! SHE'S NOT HER BOOBS!...if there's a specimin I pass and her boobs are practically hanging out, but everything else about her is meh. LOL. But anyhoo.

Guys. Are big boobs appealing to you? And if yes, why? To a degree, sizable funbags are attractive, but to a certain extent. B-cup to C-cup is usually the nicest to oogle at. Some guys go bananas the bigger the sizes go, but my rule-of-thumb is, as soon as breasts become big enough to be weapons, they are no longer attractive. *BOOBSLAP!* But seriously, ladies with smaller breasts and minora blades (flat, like the blades) have nothing to worry about, because ultimately, your breast size should have nothing to do with your self-confidence or anything like that, because smaller can be sexy too, I know many ladies with 'petite' numbers, and they're sexy as HELL!

But alas, now, I need to find out from the milk-jug owners, the sand-bag carriers, the water-baloon launchers, the motor-boat instructors, the fun-bag operators, mega-mammary-merchants, the gazonga toting, the melon peddlers, the flapjack-flappers, the big-bra owners, the ankle-weight carriers, the beer-keg storers, the over-shoulder-boulder-holders, and I'm gonna stop now. :D Ja, ladies with large breasts, what is it like to have large breasts. Do you get pains in your back sometimes? Any other pains? How does it affect your active life (sports and stuff)? Do you sometimes use them for personal gain, like to get things, or favours? (I call that the Power of Boob!) Do you catch men sometimes looking, peeping or downright staring/gawking at them? Tell us, we'd like to know!!!!!

Also, the model in the picture is 23 year-old-russian Tanya(sometimes Anna) Song, and she's got huge knockers, and she uses them for gain! (photoshoots and money and fame and worldwide admiration from basement dwellers = gain) And I don't think most men mind that, lol. Here's another picture of her, and links to full res images of the two pictures>>

Pic 1

Pic 2

Have a nice day and breast of luck to you all. :D


  1. i'm a all rounder too... the Breast should compliment the butt, should compliment the feet, should compliment to face, etc... the whole package... thats why, some people might point at a girl, and say "Yor, She's HOT... look at them boobies.." and i would go... "nah... something does not 'fit' right..." cuz there are usually something thats not "right"... Thats why, girls i find interesting... and Like... are girls that has the full natural untouched "can get out of bed and look beautiful" package... and there are only a few that i have in mind..

  2. EXACTLY WEZZIE, that look you described, natural, no make-up but still flippen beautiful with no frills or fuss in a jeans and a tee is what I find SIMPLY SUPER HOT!! I love that look, and it's like you say, only a few girls have that look.