Friday, 29 April 2011

VIDEO: Dani Alves you TWAT!!

I like Dani Alves as a footballer, but this is just PATHETIC!!!!!!!

VIDEO CLASSIC: Goof Troop Intro

You gotta love it!

ARTICLE: Will you join the fad, GUYS??

So, apparently, this is the new fad in the States. Yup. The Crazy States. It's called the MONKEYTAIL. And it's a beard. Would you wear this guys?

I certainly WOULD NOT!! I'm still going for the Tony Stark.

If you think I'm joking about this, they have a site --> MONKEYTAIL

VIDEO: Geeky Mario Proposal!

I give this dude a huuge thumbs up for creativity!! What a unique proposal!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

VIDEO: Female Old Spice Ad Parody (WIN)

Shared by my buddy Wezz. This parody might be a bit NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but it's worth the watch!! You know the Old Spice ad well, so you'll get this one, and love it too!

TRAILER: 30 Minutes or Less

This looks decent:

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

PODCAST: 26-04-11

This week's podcast. It's about china, school girls, scrapyards and what's happening on Random Arbjects!

PODCAST 26-04-11 by Spenelo

Monday, 25 April 2011


I lolled so hard for this. Sad thing is I've seen the Douche in action, but here in South Africa, they actually DO GET THE GIRL sometimes, the bastards, funny vid though!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

VIDEO: 'Boyfriend'

This video proves it's NEVER cool to call your male friend, 'boyfriend'

Thursday, 21 April 2011

LATE NIGHT POST: Your cup of Tea?? (NSFW)


This chick looks hot right?

Well, do you still say she's hot after you clink the full link??


What's your opinion about, well, if you clicked the link you know what. Well?

VIDEO: Sergio Ramos DROPS the Copa Del Rey!!

So Real Madrid finally beat Barca and this time to win the cup, then Sergio Ramos goes and drops it!!!! Lol. Vesin much?!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

LATE NIGHT POST: Bikini Fail/Ingenuity win? (NSFW)



First, the DISCLAIMER:

SO, I surf at night a lot since I got my Cell C Whoosh. And sometimes I come across the most weird/funny/lewd things! But this is a family site, and I won't jeopardize that with extremely hardcore nasty stuff. But sometimes I see funny shizzle with nudity/nastiness in it, and I REEEEALY wanna share it, but I can't on fb, so that's what this post will be for. And it's up to you if it works or not!! So your feedback is welcome. And please note, that most things in posts like this will have links leading to NOT SAFE FOR WORK content. SO don't open it when there are younger/prude people around!! We all GROWN-ASS peeps, so let's do this!

Anyhoo!! Let's go! I give this chick 10 out of 10 for creativity, but 0 outta 10 for fashion!! Lol. You decide!



Do you believe? I blame Katy Perry!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

VIDEO: New Beetle

I'm not a fan of the newer Beetles, but that Turbo version looks STUNNING!

Monday, 18 April 2011

VIDEO: Mario Balotelli fun

Known for his bad temperament and off field shenanigans, Mario Balotelli is never far from controversy, as Saturday's cup semi final showed!!

And here, he can't put on his bib!!

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I'm posting this on a Sunday, because almost no-one will be working today, right? This is the world's biiiiigest pacman game, it just goes on and on and on and on and on...go through the portals on the side of the pacman board, and you don't come out on the other side...you go to a new board!! Enjoy!!


TIP: play it with Firefox as your browser

Friday, 15 April 2011


Yup, that's right. Babe of the Week has gone through it's final name change. BOTW doesn't roll off the tongue, so now it's called RANDOM ARBJECTS WEEKLY HOTTIE!!!!! (It's also a cool acronym, coz it sounds like a growl when you say it. RAAAWWWHHH!)

Anyhoo, this week's RAWH is Whitney, a first year Business Management and Entreprenuership student, and quite possible the owner of the most earth shatteringly cute smile I've encountered!!


Age: 22 Years

Interests: Dancing, Shopping, soccer, drama, Fashion, cute guys:) lol,anything business related and things that are happening in the world every day eg. the news.

Likes: Dancing in a club with no care in the world, shopping as if i had lots money and meeting new people and networking.

Dislikes: Snakes :( , rude people - everybody deserves to be treated like normal people, and the fact that I don't have lots patience.

Vivacious yet calm, sprightly and confident, this little tornado of cuteness is really a breath of fresh air in the sea of bad attitudes and sturviness out there, and if anyone's smile could change the world, it's hers!

Two more pics of her to follow





Thursday, 14 April 2011

GAME: Street Fighter X Tekken

I've seen this game when it was still in very early development, but it's now close to being done. I think the paint/liquid effects of the cinematics, while still cool, are getting just a bit stale now...anyhoo, still looks awesome!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

ARTICLE: When Boobs become TOO heavy.

I know, I know, boobs? BaD?! CAN'T BE!! We've spoken about jubllies before on RA, but this is not cool. Following will be a picture that has nothing to do with this article, or does it?

16 year old Xiaowei suffers from a rare disease called Macromastia, that makes one breast or both grow abnormally large, almost like the time my doggie's (may he RIP)one ball grew to about the size of a tennis ball (he was a tiny masltese doggeh) and he just layed there on the stoep all the time! If it affected my poor doggeh so bad, imagine how it must've affected a thin teenage girl that already has to deal with peer pressures and stuff, now somma BOOF!! HUMUNGOUS KNOCKER ALERT!

Here's picture of it, but it's in this link because it's NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Quoted from the article I found this story in:

Xiaowei found something wrong with her breasts in July 2009. However, she kept it secret until September 2009 when her elder sister found that Xiaowei's breasts sagged to her bellybutton. The 8-kilogram breasts have made the thin girl exhausted.

8kg?!?! That's more than a bag of potatoes!! Imagine walking with 8kg strapped to your chest all day guys, sheesh, I'd be knockerd, I mean knackered! Anyhoo, she went for a breast surgery, and is apparently living a normal life again!

Next is Simona Halep, an 18 year old tennis starlet from Romania.

She hit the news for having 34DD whoppers, but she lamented about their weight, summed up in the following quote:

It’s the weight that troubles me. My ability to react quickly, my breasts make me uncomfortable when I play. I don’t like them in my everyday life, either. I would have gone for surgery even if I hadn’t been a sportswoman.

Shame voeitog. She has since then had the breast reduction, and is currently trying to make it up the rankings.

So you see guys, megaboobs aren't always luffly!

VIDEO: Awesome Red Bull ad!

This shows why you shouldn't sleep on the job!! Haha. I was sleeping a bit on my desk yesterday, I'll be more careful now. :D

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

VIDEO: Andy Carroll's WHOPPER!

What a stunning strike by Andy Carroll to open up his Liverpool account!

One youtube comment went as far to say: Money Invested 3 - 0 Money wasted!

Lol, that's a bit harsh, but I really enjoyed last nights game, not only because they won, but because they were playing so well!

Monday, 11 April 2011

PODCAST: 11/04/11

I speak about changes to randomarbjects.blogspot.com, girls with issues, sales attitude and barter societies!!

PODCAST 11-04-11 by Spenelo

Friday, 8 April 2011

VIDEO CLASSIC: Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison

Aaaah, the Nineties. Cheesy outfits, table tops, sleek dance moves, doesn't get much better than this!!


Victoria Carstens is this weeks Babe of the Week, and she's a humble hottie, she's shy to smile, but when she does, it's like a summer sunrise!! She's currently working for the Traffic Department and studying acting part time!


AGE: 21

LIKES: I like gyming and straight afterwards eating a huge deluxe chicken burger to reward myself for all my hard work lol, I like rocking my feet to fall asleep (habit), I like being different and not having to pretend!

DISLIKES: I dislike people who are judgemental,loud,and close minded! I hate knocking my toe 1st thing getting up in the morning (the worst) I don't like negative ppl that constantly complain! Get up stop ur nagging and do something about it! Complaining aint solving the problem it just reminds you how big the problem is.

Vikki is so open, no facades or fronts, she's honest about things, admirable qualities in a lady! She also has a stunning pair of legs and great lips. ;)

Two more pics of her to follow

random arbjects babe of the week victoria


random arbjects babe of the week victoria


Thursday, 7 April 2011

VIDEO: WTF Get Ready For School Gameshow

I can honestly say, that when I was younger, everything would be a gameshow in my head, I'd hand myself imaginary points for everything, and THIS video was like a dream come true! Lol, not really, but it's still vrek funny to see people actually doing something like this!!!


I dunno if I'll make more of these, but I'll make em sometimes!


This is just how I feel about racist jokes, hear a racist joke from a black dude, mild laughter, hear a racist joke from a coloured, mostly lols and giggles, racist joke from a white guy, WHAAAT THE FUUCK YOOOU JUST SSAAAY NEEEAAAUUUGGGGAAAAHHHH??

Dunno why I still feel this way after 17 years of 'freedom' and open thinking. I'm not racist, but this is the one time I wanna klap white dudes! When they either say something to me or talk to me in a (crap) supposedly (lower intellect) stereotypical coloured accent, and then they think it's funny. Or make stupid remarks about drug abuse, or gangsterism, or alcoholism, or front teeth, or any other stuff they have no idea about, then it makes me angry. I don't care if you have coloured friends, you are not coloured, nor will you ever know what it's like to be stuck in the middle of not one, but TWO regimes, so take this cup of STFU please and thank you if you wanna make wise cracks.

Best part is, when a coloured person makes jokes of any race, it's funny. You know why, coz going through all the stereotypical profiling and stuck in the middle-ness has granted us immunity of all joke making guilt. We've earned the right to diss anyone and everyone! Lol.

Thursday Two for One

I don't need a reason to post two vids in one go, so here I go! First one is quite a funny ad from foreign lands, and the other is a simply brilliant football video of a dude with maaaad skillz!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

MUSIC VIDEO: Jack Parrow - Byellville

I'm not a fan of Mr Parrow much, but he's doing everything right with this song and this video, and that nobody can deny! You gotta give props to the bashing of Juanita and the Parlotones and Boeremusiek in general!!

VIDEO: Stankovic's megagoal!


Monday, 4 April 2011

RANT: Muscle fail

Most of us want to be healthy, right. Some of us want to be fit, right. Like me. I would give my lunch and supper to have a ripped midsection. I know what to do, I know how to exercise, I know what to eat, but as I always say, knowing and doing are two totally different animals. I would know this because I know I have to eat a certain amount of whatever each day and a certain amount of whatever I'm NOT supposed to eat, but I just had a pie for lunch, so I fail. Anyhoo. The whole point of this previous paragraph is actually of no relevance to what I actually want to say. I just want to show you what you're NOT supposed to aspire to, as a guy, in terms of healthy living and the type of body that you want to have.

How idiotically stupid do these mofos look, geez. It's like an extreme reversal of female anorexia, not only is this extremely unhealthy and unhygenic (there's no way these guys can wipe their asses properly and there's nothing you can tell me to change how I feel!!) it just looks stupid. Sure, it's their life and they can do as they please, but for the love of KOOS, please, anyone that reads this, that I know, don't ever aspire to look like these ballooned buffoons! One pin prick in the right vein and they'll die of blood loss and deflation. Muscles and veins, while, the right amount of them look cool, are not as important as your body's health and the vitality of your heart, and steroiding yourself up like these clowns will NOT help the heart at all.

Bottom line? Don't obsess about your weight to such an extent that you heighten your blood pressure, but also, try to stay healthy and don't kill yourself with overeating and excessive obestity, because in that case your poor heart has to work so much more to keep you up and running. Balance is key.

That is all.

PODCAST: 04/04/11

Learn what the 'Bitch Shield' is, what I should be doing, kerk mense and some other stuffs.

PODCAST 04-04-11 by Spenelo

Sunday, 3 April 2011

VIDEO: Rooney rant

What a knob!! Great goals he scored, but what a stupid way to show your joy. Yes, he was fired up, yes, his had a mediocre season and has something to prove, but swearing at the camera is just stupid.