Wednesday, 13 April 2011

ARTICLE: When Boobs become TOO heavy.

I know, I know, boobs? BaD?! CAN'T BE!! We've spoken about jubllies before on RA, but this is not cool. Following will be a picture that has nothing to do with this article, or does it?

16 year old Xiaowei suffers from a rare disease called Macromastia, that makes one breast or both grow abnormally large, almost like the time my doggie's (may he RIP)one ball grew to about the size of a tennis ball (he was a tiny masltese doggeh) and he just layed there on the stoep all the time! If it affected my poor doggeh so bad, imagine how it must've affected a thin teenage girl that already has to deal with peer pressures and stuff, now somma BOOF!! HUMUNGOUS KNOCKER ALERT!

Here's picture of it, but it's in this link because it's NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Quoted from the article I found this story in:

Xiaowei found something wrong with her breasts in July 2009. However, she kept it secret until September 2009 when her elder sister found that Xiaowei's breasts sagged to her bellybutton. The 8-kilogram breasts have made the thin girl exhausted.

8kg?!?! That's more than a bag of potatoes!! Imagine walking with 8kg strapped to your chest all day guys, sheesh, I'd be knockerd, I mean knackered! Anyhoo, she went for a breast surgery, and is apparently living a normal life again!

Next is Simona Halep, an 18 year old tennis starlet from Romania.

She hit the news for having 34DD whoppers, but she lamented about their weight, summed up in the following quote:

It’s the weight that troubles me. My ability to react quickly, my breasts make me uncomfortable when I play. I don’t like them in my everyday life, either. I would have gone for surgery even if I hadn’t been a sportswoman.

Shame voeitog. She has since then had the breast reduction, and is currently trying to make it up the rankings.

So you see guys, megaboobs aren't always luffly!


  1. it took me two hours to read this. Not because our internet is slow. But because my screen faces the entire marketing office...Great Article

  2. Hahaha! Glad you soldiered on!! :D :D