Thursday, 7 April 2011


I dunno if I'll make more of these, but I'll make em sometimes!


This is just how I feel about racist jokes, hear a racist joke from a black dude, mild laughter, hear a racist joke from a coloured, mostly lols and giggles, racist joke from a white guy, WHAAAT THE FUUCK YOOOU JUST SSAAAY NEEEAAAUUUGGGGAAAAHHHH??

Dunno why I still feel this way after 17 years of 'freedom' and open thinking. I'm not racist, but this is the one time I wanna klap white dudes! When they either say something to me or talk to me in a (crap) supposedly (lower intellect) stereotypical coloured accent, and then they think it's funny. Or make stupid remarks about drug abuse, or gangsterism, or alcoholism, or front teeth, or any other stuff they have no idea about, then it makes me angry. I don't care if you have coloured friends, you are not coloured, nor will you ever know what it's like to be stuck in the middle of not one, but TWO regimes, so take this cup of STFU please and thank you if you wanna make wise cracks.

Best part is, when a coloured person makes jokes of any race, it's funny. You know why, coz going through all the stereotypical profiling and stuck in the middle-ness has granted us immunity of all joke making guilt. We've earned the right to diss anyone and everyone! Lol.

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