Monday, 4 April 2011

RANT: Muscle fail

Most of us want to be healthy, right. Some of us want to be fit, right. Like me. I would give my lunch and supper to have a ripped midsection. I know what to do, I know how to exercise, I know what to eat, but as I always say, knowing and doing are two totally different animals. I would know this because I know I have to eat a certain amount of whatever each day and a certain amount of whatever I'm NOT supposed to eat, but I just had a pie for lunch, so I fail. Anyhoo. The whole point of this previous paragraph is actually of no relevance to what I actually want to say. I just want to show you what you're NOT supposed to aspire to, as a guy, in terms of healthy living and the type of body that you want to have.

How idiotically stupid do these mofos look, geez. It's like an extreme reversal of female anorexia, not only is this extremely unhealthy and unhygenic (there's no way these guys can wipe their asses properly and there's nothing you can tell me to change how I feel!!) it just looks stupid. Sure, it's their life and they can do as they please, but for the love of KOOS, please, anyone that reads this, that I know, don't ever aspire to look like these ballooned buffoons! One pin prick in the right vein and they'll die of blood loss and deflation. Muscles and veins, while, the right amount of them look cool, are not as important as your body's health and the vitality of your heart, and steroiding yourself up like these clowns will NOT help the heart at all.

Bottom line? Don't obsess about your weight to such an extent that you heighten your blood pressure, but also, try to stay healthy and don't kill yourself with overeating and excessive obestity, because in that case your poor heart has to work so much more to keep you up and running. Balance is key.

That is all.

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