Thursday, 2 June 2011

ARTICLE: Five-ish

When it comes to time. People vary. Some of us like to be punctual. Some of us like getting to a place beforehand. Some of us just rock up late all the time! I fall into all these categories!

As a rule I like to punctual, but often I rock up at a place suuuuper early and then I'm forced to keep myself busy, but sometimes when things go pear-shaped I arrive super late no matter what I try to do to rush! On a sidenote I don't rush these days anymore. I used to when I was a wee lad, rushing for school stuff and things. But I've reached a mental calmness of 'if I'm late, I'm late and there's nothing I can do to alter it.'

Take for example one of my uncanny super-powers. I commute by Metrorailfail, most days, to work, and whenever I arrive at Tygerberg Station, and this happens 97.76% of the time, as SOON AS THE STATION COMES INTO VIEW, whether I come from the gym, or drive into the parking, I see the train I want to get, approaching. There was a time I used to stress my leg hair off to try to get that darned train, but now? My mentality? 'Pffft, there'll be another train!' And even if it's a half-hour later, you bet your last 5c there'll be another one! The irregularity of Metrofail garners a ready-made 'Sorry I'm late, trains' excuse everytime, so that's cool!

But I digress. Too many stupid things happen when you rush. You bump your toe or knock your shin on something in your room. You tear your clothes on something. You trip and fall over. Things fall out of your hand. (this usually happens to me regardless of timeframe constraints, but that's for another rant) You drive crap. Miss speed-bumps, thus inducing rodeo-like jumping with your car. You cut off other people in traffic. You have near-misses with vertical objects. You break speed limits and get fines. Etceterahrahrah.


Rushing is useless.

A chasing after the wind.

And for what? I'd rather be late and in one-piece than on-schedule and dead.

Anyhoo. This is what happens when I start writing, as with my podcasts, I deviate ever-so-slightly off topic. Back to the crux of the matter.


Cape Town has a (semi-false) reputation of it's people being super relaxed. Some of us are, but not all of us. Anyhoo. I am. (Sometimes) I work at a VERY LAYED BACK post-production company, and although there are times when clients get their shit in a knot and try to force their mistakes on you causing deadlines from the pit of Satan's buttcrack, it doesn't happen often enough for me to have a heart-attack about it. (until I'm in that space and I RRRRAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEE about it again, anyhoo) We have this thing when people ask us like: 'what time are you gonna come over?' or 'what time are you picking me up?' Then we won't be like, 'hmm, let me see, 16:43 hey, be ready.' nope, we say, 'ag, you know, so five-ish.'

And if you never knew what the means. Allow me to explain it to you with a detailed pictoral description:

Five-ish could mean ANYTHING between 16:30 to 17:30, with the probability of arrival becoming stronger the closer you get to 17:00. :D



  1. I take the same approach these days - if i'm late, rushing won't magically help. Waste of energy!
    I try never to be late though.

  2. Same here! I was late today though! :D