Wednesday, 22 June 2011


As this blog/site goes, my readers/watchers seem to like one thing. Boobs! Haha, don't worry, I like them too. Now this clip puts us in a position we, as guys, have been in countless times before! You're chatting to a pretty girl, and she's blessed with ample chest, and she knows it, and she's flaunting it, and you're not a perv, but geez louise you're a man, and you can't look into her eyes for so long without at least stealing a peek, but urrgh, and then you do. Lol.

Happens all the time, we can't help it, we're just wired that way! If you don't look, then that's a problem, anyways, this is a great interactive video story that you can play and share with friends, see if you can win at this 'game'. :D

I played all the scenarios just to see what happens. :D

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