Wednesday, 24 August 2011

VIDEO: Anthem Stuff!

OK. SO with the whole Ard Matthews vibe, I thought it would be fitting to delve into the treasure chest of Random Arbjects and show you a video, the first video of Random Arbjects, before it was a blog, and when it was actually like a show, sort of, when I still had my camcorder. It was done at the time that Ras Dumisani's rendition got people talking about the anthem, so I investigated a bit about the anthem and shed some light on it. :) So ja, the gist of the video is pretty much the same. :D

(also, note how lekka thin I am here, yor, and my hairline is still good! Lol. What receeding hairline?!)

And here's me doing it. (my piano needed a tune here still, though, lol) :D

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