Tuesday, 6 September 2011

SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Spenelo performing

So, I helped out a masterful guitarist by singing on a song he wrote at a little gig in Stellies, it was a poetry thing mostly, with pro poets starting it off, then they had a open mic for singing and poetry, but we started it off with this song. I done two solo songs riiiiiiiight at the end of the night, but the lady that recorded it probably ran outta space? I dunno. Would've been cool to show you guys that also. :/ Anyhoo, it's the first part of this long video, and there are some other great acts further on, and you can watch it it you want, but the first song is me, with Riaan Oppelt on lead guitar and Robin (whose surname I don't know yet) on rhythm guitar. I'm hoping I can perform with these guys again, they're so professional man!

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