Wednesday, 28 December 2011


So! Here's #4 of 4 in our Summer Sizzle posts here on Random Arbjects.

It's the LAST ONE!

I went out with my favourite model, ROCHELLE, and we shot some sizzling beach shots!

We shot sooo many pictures, and I won't be able to share all of them, but there's enough stunning pictures to have FOUR features each Wednesday in this month, which is what we're doing.

Not only is this a big step for her modeling, but for my photography as well. We just grow from strength to strength. But, remember to share this with all your friends, and we might soon have some new faces in this section and some more RAWHs! :D

You'll see this set is slightly different, the sun was setting, and this is the sort of light I was waiting for whole day already! The sun just didn't want to get down from it's high perch, but it finally did. Also, these pics are different, because they're more like a fashion shoot for Mr Price or Edgars or similar, coz she's wearing a hoodie. :) So it's fun, funky, but still sexy. Enjoy!

Enjoy guys and dolls. 10 carefully picked photos, for your viewing pleasure! (CLICK ON IMAGES FOR FULL SIZE)


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