Thursday, 22 December 2011


YO GUYS. So. As Christmas draws closer, I've got a present for you guys.


Different style of songs. More mellow. And you can hear that I've been playing guitar a bit more, coz that's the main instrument in these songs. I figured, until I can get the keyboard that I want/need to go out and perform, I might as well practice/learn/become better at playing guitar. It's compact and I can take it with me to perform. So yeah. The main focus of 2012 will be performing a lot more. Only performed a few times this year, but it was more than 2010! So I'm taking steps to becoming the musician I want to be. Slowly but surely.

'I Don't Got It' is my anthem for 2012. I will try my best to build friendships and partnerships, but if you're not worth my time and effort, and use me, and take me for a fool, why should I bother? I'll do me, and you can do you. Simple. It's a fun song with falsettos in the chorus that are fun to do. :D


'How Could This Be' is pretty much standard format for me, the content anyway, bittersweet love ballad, right? Not really, because I've been trying to write songs that are more non-descript and more open to interpretation, and not so direct, and I think I've achieved that with this one, especially in the bridge. Nice chord progressions and it's great for me to sing.


So yeah. Enjoy these songs, it's my gift to you, share to all your friends! :D

And if you struggle to stream the songs, here are Youtube versions of the songs :)

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