Tuesday, 10 January 2012

ARTICLE: Cape Of Good Sleeps

Ahhh, Cape Town. Home of so many great things...

No, before you stress, this is NOT another Presenter Search video, it's actually a well researched pictoral festival of Cape Town and something I've noticed about it. . .

People LOVE to sleep in Cape Town, in public places :D

Whether it be because they want to relax, or because of poverty, or because of the weather in the summer, it's fun/sad/makes one think when you see people planking all over the show. This is my collection of guerilla sleep snaps, taken all over the CBD and Northern suburbs. I done it to practice my quick snap skills, but also, in some cases to make you think about where you are in life, what could have been, what can be, how to prevent it, and about the plight of the people and the relaxation of the people and look at me I'm talking to much again so I digress. Who knows what will become my next guerilla sleep snap topic...only time will tell

Enjoy :)

Yeah, some of those pics were pretty morbid hey. Lesson learnt? Don't let your dreams die. Nobody wants to end up with no hope like some of these guys.

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