Tuesday, 24 January 2012

BABE SCOUT: Eva Carneiro (updated with MORE pics)

Soooooooo, if you follow me on Twitter you'd know how I go on each time Chelsea plays. Not because I'm a Chelsea fan, o no, I'm a Liverpool fan, but because one of their physio's is THE HOTTEST PHYSIO EVER UNDER THE SUN IN THE UNIVERSE OF SPACENESS!

Well. I FINALLY remembered to google 'Chelsea Hot Physio' today, and it yielded QUITE an interesting result.

I found out that her name is 'Eva Carneiro' and because I'm a man that likes to, not only ogle pretty ladies, but find out more about them, as people, as well, I hopped onto the Chelsea website, and this is ALL they gave:

First team doctor. Sports medicine specialist, previously worked at the British Olympic Medical Institute and with England Women's Football and UKA. Joined Chelsea in February 2009.

Not much, ne, and there's no wikipedia article, no nothing, but there are PLENTY of threads open on football forums, praising her hotness and a few jokes about how John Terry is getting injured more to be with her, and how because of her Fernando Torres doesn't mind warming the bench so much :D

So, from my throrough scour, I have found the following naaice pictures of her for you, my Babe Scout Appreciators :D

So yeah, she is BY FAR, the hottest speciment ever spotted on a football bench, like EVER. And if these pics aren't enough, the following pic I found on a Brazilian footy forum, and they claim this is her after hours. *SWOON* If it is her, WOW, if it's not, o well, we'll have a loer anyway :D Enjoy!


Since this post has gone live it's been my BEST post on this blog, so to say thanks to all of you who've viewed it, I done some more 'research' ;) to find that there's a WHOLE LOT MORE of Eva on the interwebs! ENJOY!!! (click on the image to see full size)


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