Tuesday, 17 January 2012

VIDEO: 100 in 1

So, I don't usually do this, but I'm doing it today.

There's a twitter account, @colouredGospel, that has to do with celebrating coloured culture.

I've garnered quite a few followers from me participating in the TTs they start, and their most recent TT was #colouredTVGames, which is a reference to mostly Nintendo games like Adventure Island, but many others too. But it's not only the games, but the nostalgic feeling we feel when reminiscing about it. Some people say coloureds have no culture, but this is untrue. Give @colouredGospel a follow to learn more about Coloured Culture in South Africa :)

Anyway, here's a video I found compiling ONE HUNDRED NES games and I'm sure you'll know a few :)It's just like having a 100-in-1 cartridge :D

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