Tuesday, 7 February 2012


So, after the popularity of the previous Babe Scout article (it's my FOURTH MOST VIEWED post and it's only been up ONE WEEK! Go Eva Caneiro!! :D), I thought I'd do another :D

Today it's the USA's female soccer team's Goalkeeper, Hope Solo :D

Now, that's already an awesome name, she sounds like a super hero, but she's also quite pretty in a world where there are lots of man-ish female football players, she's a nice respite to look at on the field of play! I watched the previous Fifa Women's World Cup almost solely to perv on her :D

Now UNLIKE Eva, the internet is chock full of pictures/interviews/bio of Hope, so it wasn't as tricky to find great photos of her :D If you didn't know, Hope is the starting keeper for the national US football team, and, as you'll see in the following pictures, she can kick some ass :D

And here's a few more pics, that are less-ass-kick-y, more hubba-hubba :P


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