Thursday, 16 February 2012

Babe Scout: Lil Kim

Now. Babe Scout is usually about hotties that not a lot of people know about, and they are generally HOT.


Today's Babe Scout is of a hottie that WAS hot, but is now a has been, and has fucked up her face with plastic surgery.

It's Lil Kim, and I got the SHOCK OF MY LIFE when I saw this video of her, where she effectively disses self-proclaimed stupid ho Nicky Minaj...

I mean REALLY now, what is it with this plastic surgery fails that American stars feel they need to make themselves look like they've waltzed off the set of Babylon 5?!

Now I've done a quick scour of the net, to see what she looked like before, coz I remember she was super slutty hot when 'How Many Licks' came out, but that's all gone now...

Couldn't she just stay like that?! No! Urgh. And then I found this before/after, which reiterates my point:

Why?! Ok, so what, she had a dik neus, who cares! She had mad skillz on the mic! This isn't the first time we've seen African-American famous people having issues with their noses and faces, and it's the old adage of the more I don't look black anymore, the better I look, which a lot of old school coloured folks still have, and what I think is RIDONKULOUS!! I like to call this phenomenon, Jackson-Nose-Hate, as it was Michael, and his sisters who went out of their way to make their nose as thin as possible.

Latoya looking spacey

And Janet doing a tweak

Seriously though, may this be a warning. Your face is fine guys, really, plastic surgery is cool when you got burned by fire or was in an accident, but not to make yourself look like a scarecrow. Keep it natural!! :D

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