Tuesday, 28 February 2012

BABE SCOUT: Raffaella Fico

If you're a football fan, I'm sure you saw this right?

It's our old friend Mario Balotelli, this time, not asking the world 'Why Always Me?', but instead showing his love for Raffaella.

Who exactly is Raffaella? Well, you know I had to find out right :D

This is Raffaella, aaaaand she is Mario's guurrl. Done a quick scour on her, and found an Italian Wikipedia page, that I had to translate. It basically said that she is a Reality Show star that has been on quite a few reality shows before. And it also said this very funny haha part, which I will quote directly from the translated wiki page: On September 17, 2008, the weekly magazine Chi published an exclusive interview, which went around the world, in which Fico said: "I put my virginity up for auction for one million euros. I want to see if anyone pulls out of this sum for me. I do not know what it means to have sex and if someone will pay one million euros for me, I will certainly embarrassed, but with this money I can realize my dreams, or buy a house in Rome and pay for a drama course.

Real classy girl this one eh :D Me likey! Anyhoo, I saw that she was ALSO dating none-other than Christiano Ronaldo last year as well! This girl obviously knows what she's doing and is living straight out of a WAG textbook and is taking TI's line; '...guess they plan on sucking dicks until some millions appear.' VOILA! It did. You go girl. If I was a rich footballer, I'd date THEE CRAP outta you as well!! Anyhoo, ENOUGH with my babble, here's more pics!! Enjoy!  

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