Wednesday, 29 February 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Boys Boys Boys - Sabrina (Slightly NSFW)

So, there's this video going around, called 'Boys Boys Boys' by some chick who has about as much singing talent as a frog with a slit throat. People are sharing claiming she's the new Rebecca Black, and I don't appreciate that. I hate it when South Africa always wants to copy America.

Of course this was not this chick's mission, to be a Rebecca Black copy, but South Africa loves doing that, na-aaping American things. We've got cool things here, no need to try to be like Americans all the time.

I know I'm going slightly overboard and out of context, but I reaaaaallly think it's stupid. Game shows, culture, clothing, accents, lifestyle. It's soooo stupid. Anyway.

What I will do instead is share with you a classic internet gem I've not shared before on Random Arbjects, that shares the same name as this sorry excuse of bandwith use, it's the lovely Sabrina with her video Boys Boys Boys, and it holds the record for the MOST nipslips in one video (hence the Slightly Not Safe For Work tag), like seriously, she might as well have been naked throughout the whole video!! Anyhoo, ENJOY!! (ps, I'm surprised this video is still on youtube and not been taken down yet! Lol.)

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