Friday, 30 March 2012

VIDEO: SandFlea

This is a clip of the SandFlea, a tiny robot that can jump VERY high!! Have a look :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

VIDEO: Human Tetris in Bikinis

So. With all this crazy arguing and things going on online, I will ease the tension with something nobody can have complaints about. Human Tetris, in bikinis. Thank me later :D

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


So. MyCamera.CO.ZA has competition running. And this is my entry to it. What I done was  take some of the footage I shot with my Nokia N8 so far, used the idea of 'Journey' as my base theme for it, as I have many clips of roads and walking.

With that as my theme I looked at what clips I've filmed, and wrote a piece of poetry using the elements I had, and the ideas of life as a Journey. The competitions stipulates a 1 minute limit to the clip, so I kept it to that constraint, done a VO, made some music for it, and here's the end result.

For some reason, Youtube's HD is not working, so I've got a Youtube version... I'll share the link to vote for it, as soon as it's been approved on mycamera.co.za

And a Vimeo version, which has HD working, that's the whole point of being able to shoot in 1280x720, right!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

VIDEO: Aunt Carol Dancing

SO my buddy @claytonAJ sent me this via fb, and I think this Gran is sooo cool! She can show those wallflowers who go to clubs, just to stand and mope around instead of dancing, a thing or two!!

Friday, 23 March 2012

TRAILER: Prometheus

Right, this is a trailer for Prometheus, and it's supposed to be an Alien prequel, but not really, from the trailer it looks prettttty bad-ass :D

Thursday, 22 March 2012

TECH TEST: Nokia N8 vs Nikon D5000

So I took it upon myself to test out my two photo-makers, my N8 and my D5000. I've had the D5000 for a few years now, and it's been a very good servant to me. I have my N8 for a few months now, and I've been really impressed with it's photo capabilities. It's strength is it's video, it knocks so many other bigger more expensive devices out the park with it's video, including the D5000 (The D5000's video is mediocre, at best), but this was a test for stills, so let's see who came out tops.

(Click on images to see full views.)

The setup was like this. A box of Smarties, a chair, a white cloth, a little lamp, and shot with NO flash. (I don't really like flash.)

Simple enough setup. So I wanted to test for picture quality, zoom capabilities,etc. It must be noted, to shoot these I'm using the CameraPro app to shoot with the N8, which can be purchased from the Ovi Store for very cheap, it REALLY helps with zoom, autofocus, and video, a lot!

So here goes, the shot at the top is with the D5000, the one at the bottom is with the N8


The N8's photo has decent quality, even zoom and depth of field (DOF), but it has some noise and grain. The D5000's sharpness and DOFis much sweeter to look at, but it must be noted that to get that shot, I had to play around with many settings to get the light decent. Auto mode is too dark, so I had to sift through many preset modes before I got the light right. With the N8 it was simply point, focus, shoot.

Next round of pics. Top one D5000, bottom one N8.

So, from the images you see on the blog, they look pretty equal, but once you zoom in, you'll see in this particular image, the D5000's clarity is better, the DOF is once again better, and the N8 has some shifty noise and grain. In the N8's defence, it was set on 90% quality, as CameraPro advised that anything higher might make the app unstable, but, still a very good account of itself against a device nearly double it's price.


Because of the lens I had on the D5000, a pretty stock standard lens, it really struggled to do nice close-up shots of the Smarties, like it couldn't do it at all. It couldn't find the right zoom in it's whole zoom range, something the N8 did quite easily! The top image was as close as the D5000 could come and still be clear, while the bottom shows a slightly closer crop that the N8 could shoot.

And here is a nice intense close-up shot the N8 could pull off, albeit with some grain and noise, but at least it's a decent shot, something the D5000 couldn't pull off! I like the glossy highlights on the Smarties too.

SO yeah, the only problem I had with this shoot is that Smarties are too expensive and that they're so dull! Wow, they used to be such bright colours! What happened Nestlé!?

Other than that, I can only applaud Nokia's great work they put into the N8, it does very well for itself against an opponent that should be much better, but is not! The scary thing is that the Nokia 808 Pureview was JUST RELEASED, so I shudder to think how powerfull that camera must be!!

VIDEO: Cow Fun

So, it's Monday 2.0 today after the midweek public holiday here in South Africa, and THIS is what it feels like today:


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ARTICLE: Take Away

Contrary to the title of this article, this has nothing to do with food. But if it got your attention to read this, cool!!

I've been meaning to write two big rant articles for a long while now. This is one of them. This piece has to do with society, and things that plague us. I asked myself, of all the things that plague this society, what works on my nerves the most? It would have to be discrimination. Discrimination and everything that goes with it. Racism. Judging people by the colour of their skin or their culture, whether doing it publicly or in the comfort of your brain or amongst your 'kind'. And. Poverty and discrimination of those in poverty, and not only that, but the ever-continuing chase of money, and the battle to get wealthy. These two things seem to be ever-present in our society, and I sometimes wonder in my head, what would society be like, if you TAKE AWAY these things. Would we find peace? Come with me on this journey...

Think about it. The first thing in a quest for elusive 'World Peace' would be to TAKE AWAY Racism, right? Every form of cultural and racial discrimination. Imagine for a moment an alternate earth, where we don't see colour or culture, where we accept all races and culture for their own uniqueness that they are. Imagine if our brains weren't wired that way, at all. No stereotypes would come into your head when you saw a person who is not the same colour as you, or dressed in a different ethnic style as you. You wouldn't be apprehensive or afraid or disgruntled that they're getting treatment different to what you're getting simply based on race.

Would this cure the ills of the world? Nope. We'd just hop onto the next best discriminatory item. Wealth. If you take away Racism, Wealth, money, riches, whatever you wanna call it, and the quest there of, would ultimately control the world, and cause rifts and divisions amongst the denizens of people, like we currently experience anyway. But what I'm trying to say is, that even without racism around, rich would discriminate agasint the middle class and poor, while the middle-class and poor would hate the rich for the money they have. So basically a world without racism would still be a pretty violent, messed up world. Because as long as there's money, there'll be greed and jealousy, and as long as those two are around, there'll be backstabbing and theft and all sorts of other fun crimes.

But what would happen if we take away MONEY?! It's hard to imagine hey. A world where money does NOT dominate everything. Where wealth does not determine your standing in society and what you can become. Just imagine what the world would be like if you TAKE AWAY money. No greed and jealousy, right?! No crime, no ratrace, no running on a wheel making the daily grind. No chasing of the wind for material possessions. None of those negative things! We'll finally have World Peace! A barter society where we share what we have and grow communities like families. Just imagine how much cures for sicknesses and inventions we could've invented by now if money wasn't a factor. I firmly believe the whole being of money is fake, I can't quite explain why or how just yet, but when I figure it out, I'll let you know. But I digress. We'd probably have invented space travel by now and time-machines and stuff :D

So. A world without money. We'd have a peaceful society, right? WRONG. No money and no racism will just be replaced by base discrimination. The physically strong and geniusly smart would be leaders in societies, and all those not perceived as physcially normal would still be discriminated. Short people, fat people, skinny people, retarded/disabled/deaf people, all these people would STILL be discriminated, even if money and racism would not be there. Simply because human beings suck.

That's right. That's my grand, fancy hypothesis for this piece. To have world peace, you'd need a perfect human, and seeing that humans aren't perfect, you'd NEVER have world peace, no matter how hard we try. We can get close, but it won't last forever. So you could take away all the bad things possible, but humans would still want to out-compete and out-survive other humans. Sad. Yes. Me, cynical? Yes. That's why all I can tell you is live life POSITIVELY, don't be a doos, and try to be the difference you'd like to see in the world.

Happy Living :D

Monday, 19 March 2012


So, this is a baby's reaction to seeing bubbles for the first time, it's so cute :D

Friday, 16 March 2012

VIDEO: Putting the 'Wild' into Wild Animal

Ha, this video is kinda old already, but I still thought I'd share it, and what it is, is simply a lioness going Animal Planet ape-shit on a bird that made the mistake of entering their den.

I love the people filming it's reaction, as if the lioness did something WRONG. It's a frikken Lion, it eats animals! Lol. Sad for the bird, but hey, I'd rather have the lion mauling a bird than mauling a human!!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

VIDEO: Reporter Fails HARD

If you've ever walk-and-texted before, this must've happened to you too! (it has happened to me MULTIPLE times!) This reporter gets OWNNNNED by this pole, and I know it's not fake, because when people are expecting to bump into something, they do the most slightest of flinches beforehand, this guy goes full-steam into that pole with such grace and verve! :D

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

VIDEO: Crazy Light Dancing

Now, before you watch this, understand that I'm really not into group choreographed dancing, I think it's mostly corny, and so many people think they can do it, but only very few can. I can't dance well, and especially not choreographed dance, but if done right, it can be awesome, I'll admit that.

Then something like this comes along, and I'm like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! It's fantastic, it's creative, it's entertaining, and it's AWESOME, it's like Tron meets dubstep meets Michael J. Fox meets J.Lo bum shaking!! :D

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Soooo, I'm still running some tests with my Nokia N8, and I stiched this little video from some footage I shot the other day. Enjoy :)

Monday, 12 March 2012

VIDEO: Beer Opening Like A Canadian

Soooo, this is a clip of a dude opening a beer by freakin PUNCHING IT open. I've got respect for that!! I tried to open up a Storm with my teeth a few months ago, and my whole mouth is STILL sore, and then here comes this dude and fekking punches open a beer like it's nothing!!

Friday, 9 March 2012

VIDEO: New Talent Spotted Online

So! A new talent was spotted online!! He's got some mean piano skills, and even better singing skills!! :D

Thursday, 8 March 2012

TRAILER: The Witcher 2

When I saw the title of this on CG Society (a site where all the best cg artists, whether 2d or 3d, go to display their work and share knowledge), I immediately thought...hmmm, must be an Assassins Creed knock-off...but when I watched the trailer, I ate my words, as it was one of the best cinematics I've seen in a while!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

VIDEO: Google Play

Sooo, I saw 'Google Play' was one of the top trending topics on Twitter this morning. It looked interesting, so I, of course, googled it, and it turns out it's a new google product that has to do with intergrating your life through intergrating all your mobile devices with each other seamlessly. Anyhoo, this intro video thing is amazingly creative! You'll love it!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

VIDEO: Rage Comics IRL

I love videos like this, clever, well done, and has to do with memes! If you don't know what a meme is, I suggest you go to a site like know-your-meme or something similar, but if you do, sit back and lol :D

Monday, 5 March 2012

TRAILER: Avengers Movie

I'm pretty sure I've posted EVERY Avengers trailer since they started dropping trailers from this movie, but I REAAAALLLY can't wait for it to be released!! :D

So, here is THE MOST complete trailer yet, you can see all the characters doing what they do best, kicking butt! I personally believe Loki is a, ahem, low key bad guy, but I know they're gonna make him BAD ASS!! SO enjoy!!