Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ARTICLE: Take Away

Contrary to the title of this article, this has nothing to do with food. But if it got your attention to read this, cool!!

I've been meaning to write two big rant articles for a long while now. This is one of them. This piece has to do with society, and things that plague us. I asked myself, of all the things that plague this society, what works on my nerves the most? It would have to be discrimination. Discrimination and everything that goes with it. Racism. Judging people by the colour of their skin or their culture, whether doing it publicly or in the comfort of your brain or amongst your 'kind'. And. Poverty and discrimination of those in poverty, and not only that, but the ever-continuing chase of money, and the battle to get wealthy. These two things seem to be ever-present in our society, and I sometimes wonder in my head, what would society be like, if you TAKE AWAY these things. Would we find peace? Come with me on this journey...

Think about it. The first thing in a quest for elusive 'World Peace' would be to TAKE AWAY Racism, right? Every form of cultural and racial discrimination. Imagine for a moment an alternate earth, where we don't see colour or culture, where we accept all races and culture for their own uniqueness that they are. Imagine if our brains weren't wired that way, at all. No stereotypes would come into your head when you saw a person who is not the same colour as you, or dressed in a different ethnic style as you. You wouldn't be apprehensive or afraid or disgruntled that they're getting treatment different to what you're getting simply based on race.

Would this cure the ills of the world? Nope. We'd just hop onto the next best discriminatory item. Wealth. If you take away Racism, Wealth, money, riches, whatever you wanna call it, and the quest there of, would ultimately control the world, and cause rifts and divisions amongst the denizens of people, like we currently experience anyway. But what I'm trying to say is, that even without racism around, rich would discriminate agasint the middle class and poor, while the middle-class and poor would hate the rich for the money they have. So basically a world without racism would still be a pretty violent, messed up world. Because as long as there's money, there'll be greed and jealousy, and as long as those two are around, there'll be backstabbing and theft and all sorts of other fun crimes.

But what would happen if we take away MONEY?! It's hard to imagine hey. A world where money does NOT dominate everything. Where wealth does not determine your standing in society and what you can become. Just imagine what the world would be like if you TAKE AWAY money. No greed and jealousy, right?! No crime, no ratrace, no running on a wheel making the daily grind. No chasing of the wind for material possessions. None of those negative things! We'll finally have World Peace! A barter society where we share what we have and grow communities like families. Just imagine how much cures for sicknesses and inventions we could've invented by now if money wasn't a factor. I firmly believe the whole being of money is fake, I can't quite explain why or how just yet, but when I figure it out, I'll let you know. But I digress. We'd probably have invented space travel by now and time-machines and stuff :D

So. A world without money. We'd have a peaceful society, right? WRONG. No money and no racism will just be replaced by base discrimination. The physically strong and geniusly smart would be leaders in societies, and all those not perceived as physcially normal would still be discriminated. Short people, fat people, skinny people, retarded/disabled/deaf people, all these people would STILL be discriminated, even if money and racism would not be there. Simply because human beings suck.

That's right. That's my grand, fancy hypothesis for this piece. To have world peace, you'd need a perfect human, and seeing that humans aren't perfect, you'd NEVER have world peace, no matter how hard we try. We can get close, but it won't last forever. So you could take away all the bad things possible, but humans would still want to out-compete and out-survive other humans. Sad. Yes. Me, cynical? Yes. That's why all I can tell you is live life POSITIVELY, don't be a doos, and try to be the difference you'd like to see in the world.

Happy Living :D

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