Wednesday, 28 March 2012


So. MyCamera.CO.ZA has competition running. And this is my entry to it. What I done was  take some of the footage I shot with my Nokia N8 so far, used the idea of 'Journey' as my base theme for it, as I have many clips of roads and walking.

With that as my theme I looked at what clips I've filmed, and wrote a piece of poetry using the elements I had, and the ideas of life as a Journey. The competitions stipulates a 1 minute limit to the clip, so I kept it to that constraint, done a VO, made some music for it, and here's the end result.

For some reason, Youtube's HD is not working, so I've got a Youtube version... I'll share the link to vote for it, as soon as it's been approved on mycamera.co.za

And a Vimeo version, which has HD working, that's the whole point of being able to shoot in 1280x720, right!

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