Thursday, 22 March 2012

TECH TEST: Nokia N8 vs Nikon D5000

So I took it upon myself to test out my two photo-makers, my N8 and my D5000. I've had the D5000 for a few years now, and it's been a very good servant to me. I have my N8 for a few months now, and I've been really impressed with it's photo capabilities. It's strength is it's video, it knocks so many other bigger more expensive devices out the park with it's video, including the D5000 (The D5000's video is mediocre, at best), but this was a test for stills, so let's see who came out tops.

(Click on images to see full views.)

The setup was like this. A box of Smarties, a chair, a white cloth, a little lamp, and shot with NO flash. (I don't really like flash.)

Simple enough setup. So I wanted to test for picture quality, zoom capabilities,etc. It must be noted, to shoot these I'm using the CameraPro app to shoot with the N8, which can be purchased from the Ovi Store for very cheap, it REALLY helps with zoom, autofocus, and video, a lot!

So here goes, the shot at the top is with the D5000, the one at the bottom is with the N8


The N8's photo has decent quality, even zoom and depth of field (DOF), but it has some noise and grain. The D5000's sharpness and DOFis much sweeter to look at, but it must be noted that to get that shot, I had to play around with many settings to get the light decent. Auto mode is too dark, so I had to sift through many preset modes before I got the light right. With the N8 it was simply point, focus, shoot.

Next round of pics. Top one D5000, bottom one N8.

So, from the images you see on the blog, they look pretty equal, but once you zoom in, you'll see in this particular image, the D5000's clarity is better, the DOF is once again better, and the N8 has some shifty noise and grain. In the N8's defence, it was set on 90% quality, as CameraPro advised that anything higher might make the app unstable, but, still a very good account of itself against a device nearly double it's price.


Because of the lens I had on the D5000, a pretty stock standard lens, it really struggled to do nice close-up shots of the Smarties, like it couldn't do it at all. It couldn't find the right zoom in it's whole zoom range, something the N8 did quite easily! The top image was as close as the D5000 could come and still be clear, while the bottom shows a slightly closer crop that the N8 could shoot.

And here is a nice intense close-up shot the N8 could pull off, albeit with some grain and noise, but at least it's a decent shot, something the D5000 couldn't pull off! I like the glossy highlights on the Smarties too.

SO yeah, the only problem I had with this shoot is that Smarties are too expensive and that they're so dull! Wow, they used to be such bright colours! What happened Nestlé!?

Other than that, I can only applaud Nokia's great work they put into the N8, it does very well for itself against an opponent that should be much better, but is not! The scary thing is that the Nokia 808 Pureview was JUST RELEASED, so I shudder to think how powerfull that camera must be!!

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