Monday, 23 April 2012


So. I was just getting some coffee at Oh! near to work, when, I see a dude run past me. Tall, Dark, and blingy. Looked like a regular Cape Nigerian. Didn't really register.

 THEN. I see a group of CCID dudes running in the same direction!! What just happened! Did I just let a criminal slip by me unawares! Wow. #iFail.


 I need coffee. So I get coffee. I walk back to work. Suddenly, I see a troop of CCID guys returning this way, with Bling guy walking behind them, but CCID guys have ANOTHER dude in their grasp. A bergie-looking coloured dude. Then suddenly, from the other side, I see a old, fat lady in a neon orange long-sleeve top come yelling van n kant af! 'jeeeeei! You took my phone, yei!' She stops talking with words, and replaces them with smacks when the CCID brings her nearer to her. WHACK! WHACK! KAPWAAP! The bra starts to wail and cry coz he can't get loose, CCID guys het hom innie hanne. And then the lady is reunited with her phone, which is a blackberry nogal, and she goes on preaching about the cost of living, and bla bla. So ja. For once the CCID done their job, with the help of bling-dude. And a lady is reunited with her phone and bergie-dude will prolly spend his afternoon at the back of CCID bakkie.


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  1. Hahahahahaha! Can't breathe. Laughing so hard! Wow.. Spenelo.

    Feels like I was there. :''''D