Monday, 21 May 2012


So, I've been a bit quiet lately, I've been writing exams over the last week, and I've been without decent internet access, BUT! Now I can share with you guys something I've been wanting to for a while!!

It's a video I recorded at home. My mom was watching her Christian channels on that 'public' part of DSTV, and she flicked over on to this, and called me to watch it. Both she and I believe in God, but THIS is just a mockery.

Sometimes at great church crusades and services, they have what's called an 'altar call', and then the pastor or a similar leader-figure of the church will listen to your what it is that's on your mind, and pray for you and pray about it. Sometimes there'll be a topic for the altar call, like, 'sickness' or 'family struggles' or 'financial issues', etc, and then that is what will be prayed for, or sometimes they'll have an open floor and you can just go up if you have any concern, and the pastor will pray for you. Cool. But sometimes, it can get intense, and the atmosphere will be so wondrous, that the Holy Spirit will enter and, whilst being prayed for, with the pastor 'laying hands' on the person, the person will be so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, that they collapse and be knocked out for a while. This is the gist of what's happening in this video.

But as it is with modern Commercial Christianity, everything is about sensationalism and money making tactics, so lots of things have to be in the extreme. I won't be touching on a lot of that now, but lets just say that sort of sensationalist mentality is at play here.

This dude looks more like a Grand Master of Chi attacks than a pastor, and he's pushing over of people, the same people, round after round, is laughable. I knew many people like him (not as bad though) in my heavy church days, and they sometimes try to PUSH you over as they pray for you, but what's the use in that?! If the Holy Spirit is not present, why must I fall over? To satisfy a pastors ego? To fool myself into believing something celestial has happened?! Nope. I always followed the example of the lady in the Blue and Yellow outfit (you will see what I mean soon)

But ja, this video is a LOL of note, with running commentary and laughing by my Mom and I. It gets to a part that it looks like a action/sci-fi movie and that this dude is actually Chuck Norris of preaching. Tell me what you think about this whole thing!!

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