Tuesday, 12 June 2012

BABE SCOUT: Irina Shayk

So. I was browsing the social networks, and my buddy @meagyKar posted a link to some of the best WAGs of Euro 2012. I never shy away from some eye candy, and one particular WAG caught my eye, with her exotic looks and gorgeousness, and she just HAPPENS to be Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, sheeeeet! I give you, Irina Shaykhlislamova or, Irina Shayk as she is known.

She is from one of my favourite countries, known for spy fiction baddies, Zangief, and vodka, our babe is from Russia! She studied music in school and plays piano. After school, she studied marketing, got bored, went to beauty school, got noticed by a modelling agency person, was encouraged to enter a beauty contest, and of course, she won! It was just up and up and less clothes from there!! Enjoy the pic collection. Click on images for full size!  

And here's two pics to show how far off you are from dating this wonderful human specimen. HOW do you compete with Ronaldo?! (tip: You don't!) Lucky devil!!

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