Thursday, 21 June 2012

VIDEO: Super Stalky chick

So, Justin Boeber asked his fans to cover his Boyfriend track, and as per usual his fanatic Belieber fanbase obliged with giddy lust fueled tween versions of the song, or so I heard, I haven't seen any of the covers, until I saw THIS chick do one. Her name is Laina. She took the lyrics and stalk-a-fied them, combined with her death-stare-eyes, she carved out a viral hit. She then went to cover Carly Rae Jephsen's po(o)p hit 'Call Me Maybe' and this is what I'm sharing with you now. This chick will steal your soul with her gaze! She. Does. Not. Blink!!!

Here's the first JB cover..enjoy..or not!

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