Monday, 30 July 2012

ORIGINAL RA COMIC #004: China's Bitch

China is slowly buying South Africa. So many products are being shipped in from China, taking away SA jobs. And it's not only 'cheap' brands who are buying into these products, many well known SA franchises are sporting china products and most of us haven't even noticed. Turn over nearly any label for shoes/clothes/accessories, and you'll see 'Made in China', we might as well get everything from China town coz everything is from China anyway! I've got no qualms with the Chinese, and it's extremely evident that they are very good business men (as are many other foreign nationals), it just pains me to see so few South Africans showing the same drive and initiative.

I read somewhere that it's far cheaper to just import things from China instead of getting it made in South Africa, and this is why so many factories have been shut down, taking away jobs, leaving more people without income, which obviously leads to more poverty. This is sad because our people are now suffering because of this. So. I know there's a lot more happening in secret that we don't know about, but for now it seems that South Africa and its government is...

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