Wednesday, 15 August 2012

BABE SCOUT: Jessica Ennis

Okay, been a while since I've done a Babe Scout, but the Olympics has given us many new babes to gaze upon, and, although, a lot of the women on show are rather muscle riddled man-beasts, there were a few who really caught the eye :)

One of them is British starlet Jessica Ennis, who, with her will to win and pretty face (and hot bod of course) gained a lot of fandom over the Olympics!

The English damsel was introduced to athletics in 1996 and after winning her first event, never looked back from then!

She't not just a pretty face, she graduated in Psychology in 2007 which makes her a bajillion times sexier :D Brains PLUS sexiness PLUS a unique athletic physique = Unique babe :D Enjoy the pics. :)

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