Friday, 31 August 2012


SOOOOOOO, today is my bday. And I've not been posting on RA a lot, like at all recently. Work's been really hectic, and at home I don't have decent internet. But I plan to make up for that today. A mega post! With some videos I've been meaning to share for a while :) Enjoy!!

A person falling him in his glory in a hole he doesn't see? Ok!

A parody of a crazy Japanese ad with phallic objects? I think so!

A dude riding a bicycle the size of toy? Why, if you insist!

A dude playing the Mario theme, backwards, on a piano? But of course!

A bro moonwalking on rollerblades through a city centre? For sure!

So I hope you enjoyed my mega bday post. :) I apologize for not posting as much, but I've still got big plans for RA, so keep your eyes peeled and your mouse clicking :)

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