Wednesday, 24 October 2012

BABE SCOUT: Charlotte Casiraghi

It's been ages since I done a Babe Scout post here at Random Arbjects, but I can tell you that these posts, along with the Babes and Babe Extra posts are the most popular posts on here! SO, without further hesitation, I bring you the next instalment of Babe Scout: Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte is a royal beauty from Monaco, the playground of the filthy rich and famous, and is fourth in line to the throne of Monaco. She has a really unique beauty, she looks and has the back story of combat game character, like from Street Fighter, rich royal, that loves riding horses, but still believes in doing her own thing, and is a published journalist. Enjoy the pic collection, click on the images for full size!

 She's not a model, so there aren't many hot pics of her in skimpy clothing (BOOOO!), but recently she signed a deal with Gucci, so there are some nice pimped up pics of her posing with horses, yes horses, and also at the Gucci launch thing. Enjoy!

How cool is the dude that can get this girl as his girlfriend. Dating a Princess. That's some Disney stuff right there :) Hope you peeps enjoyed the post :)

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