Wednesday, 7 November 2012

BABE SCOUT: Antonella Roccuzzo

So, Lionel Messi recently gave birth to his first son, Thiago, and this news totally flooded the social media grapevines, accompanied by the usual comparisons to Cristiano Ronaldo. And then I wondered, hmmmm, so Messi is now a daddy, I wonder who the mommy is; who is so awesome, that she hooks in LEO MESSI as a baby daddy.


I found out that Messi' gf and baby-momma's name is Antonella Roccuzzo, and as it goes with football players, she is drop dead sexy!!

From what I gather on the interwebs, she is a cousin of one of his friends, and is also from his home town, and it shows, coz if you look at this post vs Ronaldo's gf's post, (Irina Shayk, yes, I know, the inevitable Ronaldo comparison once again!) you'll see that she isn't a typical WAG, she's not really a model, and in nearly all her pictures she's relaxed and not so full of make up and things, but that doesn't stop her from being very cute and pretty! Enough talk! Pictures now! Enjoy!

And then here's a lot of pictures of her and Messi. Messi needs a tan. :)

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