Monday, 31 December 2012


So, I flirted with the idea of writing a Year-In-Review piece for 2012, and I should've, because 2012 was the best/worst year I've had. All time lows. All time highs. New job. New experiences. A gf. A break-up. An epiphany. Everything you could want in a year. But I'm lazy. SO instead, I'll show you the best posts for each month on this year, on RA!


VIDEO: What Green Goblin was supposed to look like

This post was showed some behind the scenes footage of what the Green Goblin was supposed to look like in the Spiderman movie.


ARTICLE: Different Kind of Loves

My Valentines Article about different kind of Loves

MARCH 2012

TECH TEST: Nokia N8 vs Nikon D5000

A test I done with my N8 versus my D5000 for quality of photos

APRIL 2012

VIDEO: What Happens in Brazilian Malls

A interesting clip of a product demonstration in a Brazilian Mall..

MAY 2012

VIDEO: What models SHOULD be doing

After Jessica Leandra's fuckery in May, I decided to show what models should be doing instead of being racist and silly!

JUNE 2012

VIDEO: Nandos new ad

The Nandos ad that tackled Xenophobia in it's unique, satirical funny way!

JULY 2012

ARTICLE: Bald Ideas

My best article for this year, discussing baldness in guys like me.

Read more articles here: ARTICLES


VIDEO: Model Catwalk Fails!

A compilation of Models failing hard on catwalks around the world!


VIDEO: Tokoloshe on the News

A clip of a bizarre news clip where someone claims to have seen a tokoloshe!


VIDEO: Space Jump

The world was gripped by Felix's Space Jump in October!


VIDEO: Sabc ad banned

Another month, another ANC mishap. The SABC bans an ad before it even airs for making light-hearted fun of Jacob Zuma.


BABE SCOUT: Karla Lopez

If you're an avid fan of RA, you might have noticed the omission of the Babe Scout posts, well, truth is, each month the Babe Scouts were the most popular posts by far, but there were other great posts as well, so I had to show you guys the year in review of all the OTHER posts, above and beyond the Babe Scouts! But this was the latest one, featuring Karla Lopez, you can find the others here: BABE SCOUT

SO yes, that wraps up 2012, a great year for Random Arbjects, this site hit a 100k hits and is now averaging well over 10k hits a month and it's growing! So thanks to you all and a happy 2013 to all of you!


Thursday, 27 December 2012

VIDEO: DBZ Fan Made Trailer

If you watched the hogwash that Hollywood created for a DBZ movie, then you'll agree with me, that there is potential still for a DBZ movie to be made, if made correctly.

This extended trailer was made by some DBZ fans and it shows what could be done with a better understanding of the series.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

LIFEHACK #4: 100 Ways Of Saying Fuck You

Because it will always come in handy, here's a wonderful infographic on how to say FUCK YOU in 100 languages!! :D


You'll find more Lifehacks here --> LIFEHACKS PAGE 

Monday, 24 December 2012

VIDEO: Christmas Eve Traffic

just a quick video of me, driving home from the full-ass mall, laughing at people in the full traffic going to the mall.

We know that the malls will be full, yet somehow we convince ourselves that not EVERYONE ELSE will also have the need for last minute shoppings!! We humans are cute!

Haven't loaded a vid in ages so enjoy!

Friday, 21 December 2012

VIDEO: Russia Bass

This is video of bass dropping like you've never seen it before!

In Mother Russia, Bass drops you!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

BABE SCOUT: Karla Lopez

DISCLAIMER: This post might be a tad NSFW, and might contain some dodge material. Don’t ask how I know things, just accept and enjoy!

And now, for a special, new kind of Babe Scout. You know those irritating singles ads you see on social networks like Facebook, Tagged, etc, like those Zoosk ads, and similar ones? Well, shockhorrordisbelief the chicks they use in those are NOT 'real' (regular, non-model) chicks. They are EROTIC models. (Pornstars if you want to be harsh. But many of these chicks just pose naked they don’t do the dirty, there’s a difference.)

Since I changed my relationship status back to single on my facebook about a month back, it’s like my profile has become a hub of Forever Alone-ness with 70% of the ads on FB being a singles ad. Get Russian Girls! Meet a babe in Cape Town! Etc. This irritates the crap out of me, and there’s no way to really switch it off. But I’m digressing hard. I still want to write an article about how Sex and Female hotness will ALWAYS be relevant, but I’ll keep that for later.

One of the women used in these ads is Karla Lopez, or by her model alias, Karla Spice. Yes, she has a name. I’m good with names, when it comes to chicks like these. Helps me to find them later. :P

Caramel goodness

Because there are so many pictures available online, for free, of models like her, they're easily exploitable by hackers and people looking to use forever-alones to get clicks and chumps to sign up to their dating sites that lead to nothing. Don’t fall for their lies! I will show you, in the next few weeks, some of the favourite faces (and bodies) that they use for these things. Karla is one of them!

Playing arcade games = sexy!

I think what makes her so hot is that she looks exotic. She's Venezuelan and this makes her look lekker! She looks like a really hot coloured (for the foreign readers, a coloured is one of the population groups in South Africa, mixed race in other countries, consisting of people with a mixed history of many different cultures, and many different looks!) chick to me, take that, plus the fact that a lot of her photo sets (there are literally hundreds!) have a girl next door/silly and innocent feel to them. She doesn’t even try to be hot in most of these picture sets, but she is.

Arrest me now :P

She's never gone into full on porn (I'm thankful for that, a lot of times that cheapens the model and takes away some of the allure) but there is still lots of stuff to find of her online. So, I’ve got a few more pictures on here, and also a NSFW (that’s NOT. SAFE. FOR. WORK) zip folder with a few of her pics I'll upload LATER, maybe this weekend, but ja, really, just google her name and you’ll find a never ending treasure trove of her pictures. Until then, ENJOY ;) (Click on images for full size)
A trick mirror like the Royal Baking powder tin!

A Gold star for hotness 

Great pair of lungs

B-cup bum, ample portion :P


Come to think of it, my car DOES need a wash..

Flower power baby!

Wifey Material

another hot chick thrown in for good measure

Imagine her surprise when you read the post all the way to the end!
I’ll do a few more of these posts with similar popular softcore models and then hopefully next year I’ll start to go harder (that's more intensely, not more hardcore, lol) in the babe photography I used to do before on RA, coz I know you peeps like that ish and it's pretty fun to do.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

VIDEO: Rewind YouTube

If you're an avid YouTuber such as myself, you'll love this next video!!

It features all the big players of 2012, those youtubers whose videos went beyond viral and who made a career out of internet video making!!

See how many youtubers you can recognize in this great mash-up clip!!

Monday, 17 December 2012

VIDEO: Golf Club win!

Boredom + lotsa money equals something kwaai usually, and this is the case with this epic golf club! Might actually watch golf if more clubs looked like this!!

Friday, 14 December 2012

VIDEO: Most Interesting Man in the World

I've always seen this meme around the internet, and I've only very recently explored it more. It's HILARIOUS!! OMWOORD, this is a full compilation of all the Dos Equis 'Most Interesting Man in the World' ads. It's so awessssssomeeee!! :)


Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Snoop Dogg/Lion has not been as cool as he used to be for years now already. His music and flow have been lazy. We could blame the weed, but I just think he's been very lazy!

Anyhoo, he features here on the newest Epic Rap Battles Of History video, and this is the BEST I've heard him rap in a long while!! So, enjoy!!

Friday, 7 December 2012

VIDEO: Dubstep Ads

Smosh are sometimes very dry, but every now and then they make some potent videos, this is one of them! Enjoy!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

VIDEO: Cats in tanks

Sometimes not many words are necessary to explain something. Like now. This video is about Cats. In Tanks. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

VIDEO: Cinnamon Challenge

Every now and then a meme comes along that makes me go OH INTERNET!

And this is one of those memes! It's so crazy. It's a challenge, where you have to eat a spoonful of cinnamon and not cringe/vomit/spit it out and just swallow it. Like so:

:D I canned myself HARD for that one! If you read up about this you'll see the earliest documentation of this challenge online come from 2001 already, but it recently blew up big online. So. Enjoy a few more!!

And to finish off, some nice Slo mo action from these guys!

I would try this at home, but I also don't really want to, so yeah! If I do, y'all will be the first to see it! :)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

VIDEO: Toilet Paper Gun

Finally! Something to use on people when they're talking shit to you!! It's a toilet paper gun! :D

This vid is a bit long, but go toward the end if you want to skip all the info and background about why this dude invented this thing to the fun part where he blasts his gf with a toilet paper explosion!!

I'll dub it, the KAKPRAAT DEFLECTOR :D

Sunday, 2 December 2012

COMPETITION: Shox Speaker Giveaway

Random Arbjects has been doing very well lately. Very. So I wanna say thanks to you guys.

So I'm giving away this ShoXmaxi speaker from me to you. :) But because I actually bought the speaker and I'm in Cape Town, it's only open for Capetonians. (Future competitions will cater to more of you, promise!)

The winner will be able to do the very Capetonian act of playing their music from their phone inappropriately in a public place! How cool is that!

So here's what you have to do:
  1. Complete the RA Survey: CLICK HERE FOR SURVEY
  2. Be in Cape Town, lol.
  3. Tell us in the comment section of this post what song you'll be inappropriately playing in which public place. We'll use this to identify the winner. Seriously, it's that simple!
So yeah. It's the first time I'm giving something away properly on RA, so let's do this properly!! Share this post and win! :)

Competition ends 14 December 2012.