Monday, 31 December 2012


So, I flirted with the idea of writing a Year-In-Review piece for 2012, and I should've, because 2012 was the best/worst year I've had. All time lows. All time highs. New job. New experiences. A gf. A break-up. An epiphany. Everything you could want in a year. But I'm lazy. SO instead, I'll show you the best posts for each month on this year, on RA!


VIDEO: What Green Goblin was supposed to look like

This post was showed some behind the scenes footage of what the Green Goblin was supposed to look like in the Spiderman movie.


ARTICLE: Different Kind of Loves

My Valentines Article about different kind of Loves

MARCH 2012

TECH TEST: Nokia N8 vs Nikon D5000

A test I done with my N8 versus my D5000 for quality of photos

APRIL 2012

VIDEO: What Happens in Brazilian Malls

A interesting clip of a product demonstration in a Brazilian Mall..

MAY 2012

VIDEO: What models SHOULD be doing

After Jessica Leandra's fuckery in May, I decided to show what models should be doing instead of being racist and silly!

JUNE 2012

VIDEO: Nandos new ad

The Nandos ad that tackled Xenophobia in it's unique, satirical funny way!

JULY 2012

ARTICLE: Bald Ideas

My best article for this year, discussing baldness in guys like me.

Read more articles here: ARTICLES


VIDEO: Model Catwalk Fails!

A compilation of Models failing hard on catwalks around the world!


VIDEO: Tokoloshe on the News

A clip of a bizarre news clip where someone claims to have seen a tokoloshe!


VIDEO: Space Jump

The world was gripped by Felix's Space Jump in October!


VIDEO: Sabc ad banned

Another month, another ANC mishap. The SABC bans an ad before it even airs for making light-hearted fun of Jacob Zuma.


BABE SCOUT: Karla Lopez

If you're an avid fan of RA, you might have noticed the omission of the Babe Scout posts, well, truth is, each month the Babe Scouts were the most popular posts by far, but there were other great posts as well, so I had to show you guys the year in review of all the OTHER posts, above and beyond the Babe Scouts! But this was the latest one, featuring Karla Lopez, you can find the others here: BABE SCOUT

SO yes, that wraps up 2012, a great year for Random Arbjects, this site hit a 100k hits and is now averaging well over 10k hits a month and it's growing! So thanks to you all and a happy 2013 to all of you!


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