Sunday, 2 December 2012

COMPETITION: Shox Speaker Giveaway

Random Arbjects has been doing very well lately. Very. So I wanna say thanks to you guys.

So I'm giving away this ShoXmaxi speaker from me to you. :) But because I actually bought the speaker and I'm in Cape Town, it's only open for Capetonians. (Future competitions will cater to more of you, promise!)

The winner will be able to do the very Capetonian act of playing their music from their phone inappropriately in a public place! How cool is that!

So here's what you have to do:
  1. Complete the RA Survey: CLICK HERE FOR SURVEY
  2. Be in Cape Town, lol.
  3. Tell us in the comment section of this post what song you'll be inappropriately playing in which public place. We'll use this to identify the winner. Seriously, it's that simple!
So yeah. It's the first time I'm giving something away properly on RA, so let's do this properly!! Share this post and win! :)

Competition ends 14 December 2012.


  1. Lol well, I'm not a public player, I always have my earphones in but I will be playing the best mixes on my phone at our next hike, or beach event.