Monday, 30 April 2012

VIDEO: Frog Sitting like a human

This is a clip of what most of us at work wants to do today, chill the eff out!!

Haha, seriously though, this is just a clip of frog, sitting like one of us, with not a care in the world!! Like a Sir! :D

Thursday, 26 April 2012

BABE SCOUT: Valeria Lukyanova

Ok. We all know the saying, to each his own, but this is just WHAAAAACK!!

This is Valeria Lukyanova, a 21-year-old lady from Ukraine. Her dream was to look like a Barbie Doll. And I tell you what, after what must've been like a thousand plastic surgery operations, she's come pretty close. To look this close to Barbie with no photoshop is SCARY!

She's apparently got 10 000+ images on her facebook-esque thingy, THAT'S IN THIS LINK obviously showing that she's rather modest and not vain at all, so you can go look through those if you want, but for now, you can have a look at these. For me, personally, this is not hot. Not into blondes, and NOT into drastic plastic surgery, but as I said, to each his own, I'm sure there are some guys out there who'd like to be her Ken! More pics to follow...

Ps..this is what she used to look like...why did she change her look! Ai! (Thanks to @iamcorvin for the picture)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

VIDEO: Amazing Art by Ben Heine

Here at Random Arbjects we love talent. And this guy has heaps of it.

yesterday I tweeted about Ben Heine's Pencil Vs Camera art. It's basically him taking a picture, then juxtaposing a pencil drawing with a totally different theme to the photo. He has a LARGE collection of this, and this video is a bit of his workflow and stuff. It's really awesome how talented this guy is! Enjoy

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

VIDEO: Old Spice - I Can Do Anything

So. As you know Old Spice's ads over the last few years have been stunning. This one is no different. Great storyline, cheesy, but it works, and wonderful camera work and effects :D And Heather Graham

Monday, 23 April 2012


So. I was just getting some coffee at Oh! near to work, when, I see a dude run past me. Tall, Dark, and blingy. Looked like a regular Cape Nigerian. Didn't really register.

 THEN. I see a group of CCID dudes running in the same direction!! What just happened! Did I just let a criminal slip by me unawares! Wow. #iFail.


 I need coffee. So I get coffee. I walk back to work. Suddenly, I see a troop of CCID guys returning this way, with Bling guy walking behind them, but CCID guys have ANOTHER dude in their grasp. A bergie-looking coloured dude. Then suddenly, from the other side, I see a old, fat lady in a neon orange long-sleeve top come yelling van n kant af! 'jeeeeei! You took my phone, yei!' She stops talking with words, and replaces them with smacks when the CCID brings her nearer to her. WHACK! WHACK! KAPWAAP! The bra starts to wail and cry coz he can't get loose, CCID guys het hom innie hanne. And then the lady is reunited with her phone, which is a blackberry nogal, and she goes on preaching about the cost of living, and bla bla. So ja. For once the CCID done their job, with the help of bling-dude. And a lady is reunited with her phone and bergie-dude will prolly spend his afternoon at the back of CCID bakkie.


NEWS: Jump For Joy

SOOOOO!! It's Monday! Blegh. But we don't care, we really don't.

Anyway, many folks have been asking me to make it possible to comment on Random Arbjects without having to belong to Blogger, most recently @CapeTown_Bru, and NOW YOU CAN! Thanks to Disqus and their cool platform :D

To understand how this makes me feel, here's a video of a dog doing double dutch! Jump! Jump! Jump for JOY! :D

Friday, 20 April 2012

VIDEO: The Motherfucking Pterodactyl

This is by far, thee most whack and random music video you will see online at the moment!!

By one of the internet heavyweights, cartoonist, the Oatmeal, sung by Sarah Donner, check it out!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

VIDEO: Random Crazy Product

Every now and then, you have to sit back and watch something that makes absolutely NO SENSE. This is one of those times.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

VIDEO: Beetlecam Project

This is a video that's been chilling in my RA queue for long now already, but I thought today would be a good day to share it. It's this clip of this project where this dude invented this camera contraption that can go REALLY close up to lions. It's AWESOME!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Monday, 16 April 2012

PICTURES: Laundry Day

So. It's Monday. The favourite day to complain online. But, I snapped these pics a few weeks ago, and this should be a reminder, that it's not so bad at all...

These folks have to do their washing here, and hang it out to dry here as well (this is at the Castle in Cape Town) Sad hey. Anyway. Cherish what you have, and if you're unhappy with where you are, start working on changes!! (Click on the images for full size)

Speaking about it not being so bad at all...

Friday, 13 April 2012

VIDEO: Hair Dip Paint

It's Friday! So let's dip our hair in paint and paint walls with our hair!!

So metal!! \m/(-_-)\m/

Thursday, 12 April 2012

BABE SCOUT: Linda Pizzuti

Yooo, it's another Babe Scout!! :D

Not much is known about her, yet, all that we know is that she is John W Henry, owner of Liverpool FC. Aaaaand, we gotta say, the man has some taste!!

Now. This babe scout is different from the rest. She's a big older. She's a bit more elegant. But she's still HOT! There's no way John W Henry could score such a beau if he wasn't as loaded as he is!!

I'd lick her as well :D

Here follows some more photos of her. She's elegance and beauty and class personified! *tips hat* It's BABE SCOUT, like a SIR :D (click on images for larger versions)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

ORIGINAL VIDEO: Cape Town Street Art

SOOOOOO, I don't usually post twice a day, but this is an exception :D

A little clip I filmed of some Cape Town Street 'art' with me doing some impressions :D

VIDEO: Pac Man: The Movie

This is what the internet is for :)

It's a fan-made short film adaption of Pac Man, the old arcade favourite, and it is REALLY well made! Like REALLY! If you're a child of the 90s or the 80s or even the 70s, you will LOVE this!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

VIDEO: What Happens in Brazilian Malls

Soooooooo, it's been a long weekend away from posting, but I'm back! With a bang!! And a large mound of buttocks :D Yes sirs and mams, I've not posted any babe-ish posts in a while, and this one surely makes up for it :D

It's apparently some demonstration of like body wash and shampoo and stuff, in a glass encasement, in a mall, with a HOTTTTTT babe, some water, and LOTS of thirsty dudes. You gotta watch this!! You'll love it if you're a guy, and go lesbo for 2:11 seconds!!

Sidenote: They would NEVER do this in a South African mall!! hahaha

Thursday, 5 April 2012

VIDEO: Google's Project Glass

Google introduces a wonderful concept with this video. It's the seamless integration of social media and the internet into your life, with their Project Glass, first some eye-candy demonstrating how it would look...

...then the video:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

VIDEO: Dancing Cows

Did you hear? It's a long weekend this week, really really long :D It makes me feel like this!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

VIDEO: Drunk Performance Win

So. I don't get smashed often. Like super drunk. Like-can't-walk-or-speak-properly drunk. I do it about once a year. But I usually just pass out after like an hour of epic-craziness. This dude though, this dude...does smashed RIGHT! :D

Monday, 2 April 2012

VIDEO: Rafa Nadal and Christiano Ronaldo

I simply loooove ads like these!! When stars meet up to play and just chill! And they don't get bigger than these two!! Enjoy