Wednesday, 28 November 2012

VIDEO: Into the Mind Trailer

Random Arbjects has hit 90k hits, it's been the fast 10k jump period ever in the site's history, and I thank all of you guys and ladies for that! So to celebrate this, here is a great trailer shared online by @romywilson_ct and @lukeEdward of this really cool teaser trailer for what seems to be a ski doccie or maybe it's a full feature film, I'm not sure!

But you check it out, it's brilliantly shot with amazing transitions

Into The Mind - Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Boobies, knockers, gazonkas, jugs, whatever you like to call them, breasts are an integral part of everyday.

An understanding them and the illusions they sometimes present is very important.

So I present to you a great lifehack I found online, called BOOBIES 101.

It's not accurate in all it's statements, but it's pretty interesting to read and stuff, enjoy!

You'll find more Lifehacks here --> LIFEHACKS PAGE 

VIDEO: Sabc ad banned

Oh SABC, you so whipped! Whipped by the ANC; 'public' broadcaster my ass!! These stories write themselves really. So the SABC banned this ad BEFORE IT EVEN RAN ON TELE because it depicted the Prez in a bad light. Ey I'm sorry, but if you are banning good satire because you're afraid the corrupt government will pull funding and fire people, you are not necessarily a BAD broadcaster, but you are just a shitty PUBLIC broadcaster! So yeah. Check out the ad below!

Monday, 26 November 2012

VIDEO: 1 man band Guile Theme

You should know by now that I'm a huge Street Fighter fan, and this is clip is a dude playing the Guile theme on multiple instruments. TALENT!!


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

LIFEHACK #2: 3 Minute Brownies

One of my favourite Lifehacks is most definitely this Brownie recipe, I like it because IT WORKS! I tried it, multiple times, and it's delicious!! Enjoy!


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VIDEO: The Best Convo in History

This is a clip from an old 90s film, dubbed 'the best conversation in history', but all it really is, is REALLY REALLY bad acting! Enjoy

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

VIDEO: Hikakin Street Fighter Beatbox

So, every now and then, there's a beatbox fad online, and I stumbled on this dude while checking through Street Fighter stuff, he's pretty cool! Check out him doing Ryu's stage as a beatbox beat.

Also, here's another clip of him, remixing a classic tune

And then finally, one more beat.

This is the sort of thing the net was made for! Enjoy :)

Monday, 19 November 2012

LIFEHACK #1: How To Look Dapper In A Suit

This is my collection of Lifehacks and infographics I've found on the internet, all ways to improve yourself as a human. I can't help but share these.

Lifehack #1: How to look dapper in a suit, shows some great tips on how to look neat.

You'll soon find more Lifehacks here --> LIFEHACKS PAGE

VIDEO: The Day the Earth Stopped Masturbating

One of the funniest clips I've seen in a while! What if masturbating was made illegal?! Watch this hilarious skit video to see how it pans out! Shared via Phr0ggi

Friday, 16 November 2012

VIDEO: Tortoise falling slow

On Fridays I'm the most tired. By far. I will also probably fall over like this bugger!

These two are apparently fighting, but geeeeez, this dude takes an aaage to falllllL!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

VIDEO: Best Cosplay of All Time?

The video claims this to be the best costume of all time. I don't think it's the best! But I think it's very clever!! Check it out :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

VIDEO: Eggs in slow motion

To celebrate me finishing my first full year studying again, (I wrote my last exam today), here's lots of eggs being destroyed in slow motion.

Because everything is better in slow motion!!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

VIDEO: How to unblock a toilet

Coz people will always be bored, here's a clip on how to unblock a toilet. You might not wanna watch it if you're eating.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

BABE SCOUT: Antonella Roccuzzo

So, Lionel Messi recently gave birth to his first son, Thiago, and this news totally flooded the social media grapevines, accompanied by the usual comparisons to Cristiano Ronaldo. And then I wondered, hmmmm, so Messi is now a daddy, I wonder who the mommy is; who is so awesome, that she hooks in LEO MESSI as a baby daddy.


I found out that Messi' gf and baby-momma's name is Antonella Roccuzzo, and as it goes with football players, she is drop dead sexy!!

From what I gather on the interwebs, she is a cousin of one of his friends, and is also from his home town, and it shows, coz if you look at this post vs Ronaldo's gf's post, (Irina Shayk, yes, I know, the inevitable Ronaldo comparison once again!) you'll see that she isn't a typical WAG, she's not really a model, and in nearly all her pictures she's relaxed and not so full of make up and things, but that doesn't stop her from being very cute and pretty! Enough talk! Pictures now! Enjoy!

And then here's a lot of pictures of her and Messi. Messi needs a tan. :)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

VIDEO: Dragon Baby

SO! Today's post is our 500th post on Random Arbjects!! WHOOOHOOOOO!

I was worried I wouldn't find something awesome to share until I trawled FB and found this great video on my buddy Gary's timeline.

It's from the guy that made the very successful Iron Baby video that went viral not too long ago, now he is back with DRAGON BABY! Which uses a cute baby and clever video editing and animation and editing to give a wonderful watch!!


Here's to the next 500 posts!! :)

Monday, 5 November 2012

VIDEO: Crash escape like a boss

So, Random Arbjects hit 80 000 hits today, so to celebrate here's a video of dudes exiting a crash scene like nothing even happened! Take a bow dudes, take a bow!

Friday, 2 November 2012

VIDEO: Omazing Grace

Every now and then a churchy clip comes along that makes you lose your sheet with laughter. This following clip, is such a clip.

It's of a dude, I think, at someones funeral, totally DESECRATING Amazing Grace, like on Ras Dumisani level! Shared to me via @baydu

I think that even made Satan cringe. Have a OMAZING friday peeps!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

VIDEO: Lady scolds bear

You know someone is bad-ass when they can scold at a bear and the bear retreats...like this lady!!!