Tuesday, 31 December 2013

ARTICLE: 2013 Year in Review

So. We’ve come here. The end of another year.

So let me get the clichés out of the way quickly;

Oh my, the time does fly as we get older. I wish I had more hours in the day. Time is precious, use it wisely! I wish I had a time machine, or at least a time-freezer, so that I could freeze time at times and do more with my time!

Now, I can’t promise I won’t deliver a few more choice clichés, but let’s admit it, clichés have become cliché for a reason, even though that itself is cliché, anyhoo.

What a whirlwind year. And here I thought 2012 was ground breaking in positive and negative ways, I was wrong, 2013 was one long tempestuous romp of positivity and negativity equally split among many times of utter bland and mediocre moments.

Now as much as I hate the clichéd resolutions we all make come this time, I do think it’s very healthy and cathartic to reflect personally on the year that was, sit back, let it sink it, and then, from those experiences, mistakes and lessons, build a strategy to improve your life, keep the positives, and prevent the mistakes and negatives from reoccurring.

So what can I reflect on this year? Many things. I’m not going to do this in a particular order so as to not place more importance on any aspect, that being said, I will actually start with the most important, then just freestyle from there.

Biggest change in 2013. I’ve become a father. And if you follow me on Insta/FB/Twitter, you would know this with the countless posts I’ve shared. I always said I won’t do stuff like that beforehand, but once the baby is there (especially since she is genuinely cute and doesn’t look like an alien or a potato) any one, especially a constant social media poster such as myself, will post many things.

It’s absorbing, it takes over your every being. Everything you do and work for has a new, realigned focus. There’s nappy’s to change, milk to give (currently not my duty, muahaha) lullabies to sing (something I do with much valour and grace) and restless nights to have.  You’ll never be ready for it before, you’ll never be 100% sure what you’re doing during, and only time will tell how we fare as parents after the child becomes grown, but as much as I’m teaching little Luna how to live, she’s teaching me too. It’s a wonderful experience and I’m enjoying every moment of it!

Next up, in no particular order..

I moved out this year. Finally, after wanting to for so long, I finally, what I see as the final step in being an adult, moved out. And although my mom thinks it’s about moving away from her, it’s actually about moving away from my doubts and fears about moving and growing up. Being at home is a safety net, it’s almost like you don’t have to grow up coz the childhood home is always there for backup. I always felt that to be an adult, I had to move out and experience what the world away from my mom would be like, and so far, it’s been ok.

I’ve not moved out alone, it’s actually a bit more complex than just a normal move out scenario. I moved in with my girlfriend, Lauren, on the premise that it’s the best thing for the baby, as she lived far from me, and we were far from work and far from the hospital that the baby had to be born in. and it’s all worked out quite nice so far. Baby is healthy, baby is happy and so are we. And although society dictates to us how to live our lives a lot of times, I’ve never been one to bow to popular opinion, so we’ll continue to carve out our own story and see where the wind takes us, one nappy change at a time.

Another change that happened was a change in fitness, now this one is a bit interesting because my weight has always been up and down, but this year it was up, like 90kg up. The start of the year I looked at myself and I was like WTF, how did I get this fat?!

I’ve documented my change in detail before, but I’ll give you a quick synopsis. I joined the Men’s Health Belly Off campaign, and although I couldn’t win, because I work for Media24, I could still do the Belly Off, because, I’d still win if I lose weight right? It was going just okay for a long while but 4 weeks before the end of the contest, I done something called the SleekGeek reboot, it’s a hectic paleo diet thing where you basically leave out everything that’s unhealthy and you’re left with just green veggies and lean meat and a few other stuff that you can eat. It worked really well with the Belly Off, and I struggled through it to go from 90kg to 80kg in 3 months. I continued on another SleekGeek 8 week contest after that and went from 80kg to 76kg, but it was not really where I wanted to end up. I could feel that my goal weight of 75kg should actually be 70kg as there was still a lot of fat to lose! After that I kept the exercise going, and slowly my eating habits started to creep in again. But I picked up running and football cardio as a habit and that really kept off the weight well and I was meandering on 78kg for a long while.

Then I had Unisa exams, (which went ok btw, midway through 2nd year BA in Communication, but I gave myself till I’m 30 to get it, that’s 4 years from now if you didn’t know) and even though I exercised through my study leave, the exam stress and stress eating seemed to be too much for the exercising to counter, and I picked up a few kilos, then after being 80kg for a while, Luna AND the holidays came all at once. A combination of NOT sleeping enough at all, and no time or energy to exercise and a terrible holiday diet, means currently as I type this, I’m at 85kg (and this is after getting a stomach bug last month where I dropped 3kg in ONE NIGHT, I call it extreme weight-loss, lol) 5kg heavier than an ok, can-be-better 80kg, but also DANGEROUSLY close to the dreaded 90kg mark. I’m only 1.76m tall, so being such an average height, I need to be closer to 75kg than to 85kg to be in a good space, I don’t really want to be super ripped and toned, if I must be honest, I’ll never be able to gym that much and eat that clean for a sustainable amount of time, but I’m just looking for that balance of working, running and weight training, eating and time-management that is conducive to a HEALTHY life. Really looking to play a lot more 5-a-side football as well in 2014, I became relatively  decent at it this year, and it’s a really fun way of hitting your fitness goals! Anyhoo. 

We go on about weight a lot, but the bottom line here is health. I can feel my boep on me now, it’s heavy and it’s not cool, that’s how I know I need to lose it. It’s not healthy, and the scale just underlines it for me.

(funny side note, I had a fat ass as well, but after all the  exercising and weight training and stuff it disappeared, but hark, my stomach comes back so easily. It’s a cruel world, yo)

Another amicable happening in my life this year was the dawning of Makeshift. Makeshift is the band I’ve been jamming with this year, and although we’ve been very experimental and just jamming a lot together, not really performing just yet, mostly just impromptu performances in chill social gatherings, Robin, Riaan and I, pulled off something REALLY cool with regards to studio recording, and proved to ourselves that we can cut it as fully fledged musos. It’s a double pity though, 1) I can’t share the music we’ve done there just yet as it’s part of a bigger project that’s yet incomplete 2) all of us work full time, so the fully fledged muso thing is just a dream for now. It’s cathartic though, so even though it’s still on a very mellow scale, it has proven to me that I’m a very decent singer when I practice week in, week out, (something many of my doubters put past me as something I can’t do) and that I’m a good song writer that can structure a song very well. (something deep down I knew, but self-doubt is a bitch, ya know) Only a few of my social followers know this, because they took the time and made an effort to listen to my older stuff as a whole, Kalourd, talking particularly about you, my one true fan,  but I actually did an entire solo album when I was still trying to do music for record-deal-getting, try-to-make-money-from-music kinda thing, but ironically the music and sound I tried to create was deemed non-radio-friendly by all the radio stations I took it to. That, at that time, many moons ago, really sakked my plak, with regards to music and I went into a lull for many years with it, but kudos to Riaan for approaching me to join his project because now I’m once again flirting with my one true love, music, and the love affair is blossoming because there’s no pretence or barriers such as the afore-mentioned things, as we’re doing it just for the love of music.

Expect us to perform more next year, as we were putting in a lot of effort into the studio recordings and neglecting our own Makeshift set a bit, but yes, there is a set of at least 12 songs, a mix of originals from all three of us, and covers, so 2014 will be the year we really enjoy the music because we’ll be sharing our gift with you all.

2013 was also the year I went viral on Youtube, almost accidentally. Before I loaded the now infamous riot video to Youtube, my video making was in a dormancy akin to Excalibur, not loaded new videos in ages, and the videos that were loaded, were just for uploading’s sake, no creative slant or input, just footage or something boring. There was a time, when I was still working for a production house in Cape Town as a 3d artist, that I made many 2d/3d videos that I loaded onto youtube, but almost none of them got more than a 100 views, only two of them really got more than a thousand views, and that was over the space of a few years. It’s every Youtuber’s hope to go viral, some of them do it with loading 100s of videos to Youtube, others, get lucky!

With me, it was such a case, the riots that hit the CPT CBD just happened to reach its apex JUST BELOW OUR OFFICES, and me being the camera-toting person I am, it didn’t take long to get my camera out. I made the error of keeping my phone upright, but I’ve seen many videos like that before on YT, so that didn’t bother me much. I didn’t even notice how much I was swearing while the things below us were happening, but I was, because it was genuinely terrifying what was happening below us. People, in an animal-like fashion, raiding stalls and just marauding through the street, eliminating everyone who dared step in their path, with their homemade weapons that they either brought along with them or found along the way. The running commentary, is kind of like I am during a day to day basis, if you know me, and you’ve seen me irritated before, you’ve heard a similar dialogue to the video. This, coupled with my colleagues being co-stars in the video, the timing of it, its newsworthiness, and clever sharing on my behalf, and viral sharing by social media thought-leaders on twitter and facebook, meant that my video catapulted like a rocket from 0 to almost 20 000 in the first day. It grew from strength to strength with each passing day, and around about 40 000 hits, I thought it had peaked, but then someone somewhere must’ve shared it to a lot of people because from then on it skyrocketed, finally reaching  127 000 plus hits, where it now resides.

The comments on this video were also what fuelled the mass amount of views. The News24-style comments joined in with their racist banter, but the fan-boys and girls also joined in, saying that I should do more videos like this commenting on things in a similar manner, and how cool the swearing is. Lol. Told my mom about this and she was like, yeah, the world rewards all the wrong thing with fame these days, so true if you think of Miley, and Kim K ne. Anyhoo, I don’t mind. I’ve always wanted to go viral, and if ever I needed a kick in the back side to do more videos for youtube (I have SOOOOOOOOO many ideas for them) this was it. 2014, you’ll definitely see at least TWO top quality, well thought out videos from me, I must!

Then a few other things, I managed to do a few talks/presentations this year, turned out to be a great learning experience and it was very cool to see how easy things like this can be if you prepare yourself even just a little bit! Maybe later on in my life this can be a great way of making ends meet, but now, I’ll keep going on with current workings. Just imagine. Work 3 or 2 days a week, travel all over the world, talking in little bursts and making hatloads of money, sounds perfect ey, it takes a while to get to that level though, so that’s why I say later on in life, once I’m more experienced in things of such a nature.

Then lastly, something you might not care about very much, but it means a lot to me; before working at Media24, I was a 3d artist, but I became very unhappy there and was searching for work for about a year until I got hired by M24, and then the 3d activities became nothing more but a hobby in a plethora of hobbies. While working as a 3d artist, I sold many of my models online, and although it’s not millions of rands, it’s something to keep the paypal ticking, now, I had a base iPad model to be completed for almost a year up until very recently, after almost a year of procraaaaaaaaastination and working on it for like 5 minutes in a week then leaving it, I finally finished it, and popped it online. It was a testament to myself, about a quality of myself I hate the most, can be cured, the habit of starting projects and not finishing it because other stuff get in the way. I’m sure a lot of you have that as well to a certain degree, whether you’re creatively inclined or not, and my message with this paragraph is to remind you that it’s not impossible to get your projects done, you just need to cut out all the bullshit and excuses and start working. Don’t think this is me preaching to you, because this is just ONE of literally hundreds of projects I have, so I’m merely encouraging you to be better than me, and slay your projects like a knight slaying a dragon, with valour and honour!

So with the year drawing to a close faster than my hairline is receding, let me tell you two interesting things that happened to me in the last two days which have given me two great analogies to share with you to take with you into 2014.

I just finished my workout the other day, and because I’ve been out of the exercising for a while, every workout is like starting from over. I came to the stairwell at the apartment where I live, and it goes down for a while, before you go up the stairs to the flat. The mini-down stretches about 3m down at about a 20 degree angle, not that much, and I told myself I’m gonna jump down to the bottom. Because I’m cool and I should be able to. I stood still. Breathed in and out. Jumped on the spot a bit. Psyched myself up. Took a few steps back, forward, took a mini dash to check how far I need to run to jump to get there, told myself, dude, this is easy, you can do it, you’re a parkour master and this is just the beginning, come on, finish the workout strong, let’s go, the more you wait, the more you gonna get cold feet, it’s just one jump, 5 seconds of pain if you land wrong, another few steps back, mini run, stop and reverse, ok, here I GOOOOOOOOOOOOFuck fuck fuck I can’t do it, I stopped midway through my run-up and just jogged down the stairs quickly.

I failed.

It was testament to the fact that I still get cold feet when I need to say JUST FUCKIT and run with something. A wrong decision is better than no decision right? In 2014 I will try again to improve this, I have improved it a lot in the last two years, but as this mini-fail displayed, more cahones are needed this side!

And then, that same evening, my sleep-pants-that-looks-like-those-douchey-weight-lift-pants’ strap-tie-thing came out, you know, those crappy-to-put-in-if-out strap-things. I didn’t have lus to do it, but I knew that without them, the pants were rendered useless. Then, it what seemed like an eon of eternities, I arduously started to put this strap in. It felt like it ate away at my soul with every poke and press and it felt like I was getting nowhere.

I closed my eyes and just kept doing it, the whole time, and even though initially it felt like I was going nowhere, when I looked again, I was halfway through. 10 minutes later, it was done. Now, I can think of MUCH better ways of spending 10 minutes, but this particular 10 minutes reiterated to me an easily forgotten axiom of life. Nothing in life comes easy, and anything worth your while, even something as practical as fixing my pants’ strap-thing, takes patience, practice, and sometimes, what feels like mindless, repetitive ardour is actually you laying the foundation of a greater success, during the work, it feels terrible, but once you have reached the ascent of your journey, you have gained success and a nice snug fitting pants.
If you get anything out of what you just read. Take from it that 2014 must be a year of hard work and patience, but also knowing when to take action and do something fresh and ballsy. It’s a balance that needs to be struck, but only can do it, stop living vicariously through other peoples travels and fun, and stop hopping on the hate bus when  people who seem like they did nothing to garner success, make it big.

Focus on what matters.

Focus on yourself.

Compliments of the season and a safe and prosperous 2014 and beyond!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

VIDEO: Suarez interview with a kid

The same kid that interviewed Stevie G, interviews Suarez!

It's super duper duper cute and funny :)

Friday, 20 December 2013

VIDEO: Tom Clancy's The Division

This is the trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division.

It's eerie. And I checked up on wiki, some of the aspects mentioned in the trailer are true happenings.

Scary what this world can become.

Check it below.

Tom Clancy's The Division from Luxx on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

VIDEO: SInging YNWA to LUna :)

SO I've had almost no time to blog in recent times. With work being hectic, went away to do some recording with Makeshift and then, of course, I became a dad too!

But, this post has to do with one of those things. :)

Obviously, this being my first child I'm still very new to it all. So I need all the help I can get. I can't thank myself enough for singing to Luna while she was in the womb, now it's like my lucky charm that always calms her down when she's restless or scared. :)

She was restless last night so I tried to calm her down with You'll Never Walk Alone as a lullaby :)

SUre all my Lfc fans would be proud :D

Faces while watching Luis Suarez play :)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

VIDEO: Youtube 2013 Rewind

Can't believe this year is nearly done again! And what better way to celebrate this than celebrate with a mashup of the best videos that went viral this year with Youtube's rewind.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

ARTICLE: Football Cardio

Funny story.

I like thinking. And coming up with ideas for stories. Most of the time they just blom there in my head and go nowhere further.

One of these stories is loosely based on myself (they all are though, lol) and about how I go from being a unfit flabby soccer game playing player to being a decent driven by healthiness five a side soccer player that wins a tournament after being asked to play in a team by someone that saw me play soccer on a field.

I was a flabby soccer game playing person (I still play fifa a lot) but this year I've been trying hard to be healthier and active and it's been paying off nicely. When I lived in ravensmead and especially now that I live in town near a park, I have been doing football cardio, alone, running, kicking, jumping and trying skills and failing (but succeeding too sometimes) and I always knew that I will never ever play soccer professionally (that's my brother's dept) but I sure as pie enjoy soccer and I've always wanted to play it somehow socially. In this year I've played a lot of fives futbol but not enough to be really good/fit but enough to be decent at it, and recently, as I said, I've been ramping up training on this park to epic levels. 

Now sometimes people watch me, then go about doing their business, but this one dude on his balcony watched me a few times, but it looked like a hotel not flats so I thought he was just staying over and didn't really take note, then today, it went down.

Now no-one really ever joins in with me when I do the cardio, I'm suinag with my football and run away when people look interested. Today, a dude walked past and gesticulated to me to kick the ball, reluctantly, I kicked back and that lasted about five minutes, then, another person came and wanted to kick with, this was staring to be like Pokemon with random people asking me to battle, then while kicking with this dude, a third came and joined in, this usually does happen when a soccer ball is presented in a pubic area but then after the second guy left and the third dude and me had a thorough 20 minute skilllllllll tappppppp cross battle, he walks up to me and says, yo dude, we have a team, we're gonna start to play in January again, I've been watching you play almost everyday, you totally have to come play for us. And I was all hard to get like mmm, cool man, we can see, kantie I'm bets! So lol, the first part of my story came true.

Just had to share my randomness. #youcare 

Now, there's another story I storyboarded about a dude who wins a 50 million lotto jackpot...

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

VIDEO: The new World Cup ball: BRAZUCA

As with every world cup, there must be a new ball to be played with by the gods of football, as legends are carved into history.

The COpa 2014 is no different, and this ball is unique in look and design, and will be sure to turn heads and feet in the coming showpiece! We'll have to wait and see what the players say about it!

The Brazuca!
Check out the video for the ball! I think it's cool!

And then! Bonus treat! Check out some of the other balls that were used in previous world cups!

I like the Tricolor used in France '98!

And some bonus shots of the Brazuca!

Things could get Messi..
adidas Brazuca FIFA 2014 World Cup Official Match Soccer Ball - model G73617
Such curvy. So color. Much Adidas. Wow

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

VIDEO: how to open a beer

to celebrate keDezembaBoss, here's a clip of dudes opening beer in a fun way :)

just in time for december :)

Saturday, 30 November 2013


SOmething cool for your Saturday, this is a very cool play with lights/projectors. It's kind of hard to explain so just watch it.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

VIDEO: Tornado smackdown

This is the most intense video you'll watch this year, watch it with both headphones in.

It's a harrowing video of a man filming a tornado when it HITS HIS HOUSE. Intense as a mofo.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

VIDEO: Mina Moo!

And now, for a trip down memory lane. It's the first episode of Mina Moo! :D

If she doesn't remember Mina MOo, she's too young for you bro! :D

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

TRAILER: Need For Speed

All NFS fans will probably enjoy this movie, but you'll always get the purists and fuddy-duddies going on about storyline, trueness to the game bla bla bla.

I say, this is an action movie with cars, crashes and girls, and one should NOT expect a storyline out of those, and more action and explosions and revving and cheesy one-liners than anything else!

Check out the trailer and decide!

Monday, 18 November 2013

VIDEO: The Epic Split (JCVD being cool)

This video is doing the rounds recently, it's Jean-Claude van Damme being awesome and relevant again! :)

Fan of his, so glad he's being cool again. (just a pity how old he is now, sjoe!)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

VIDEO: EPic VOice Over Kid

I like doing voices and accents, but this kid just knocks all the competition out the water, he's like 15/16 and his voice is BOOMINGLY good! Checkitout!

Friday, 8 November 2013

VIDEO: Under the Sea

It's Friday, so obviously here's a video of Under The Sea being performed on bottles

Thursday, 7 November 2013

VIDEO: Pentatonix - Daft Punk

Pentatonix is one of those internet sensations that just keep delivering the goods, just check out this AWESOME medley of Daft Punk tunes!

I'm definitely getting these guys' album, they're really talented!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

VIDEO: Medieval Land Funtime World

This is a HIGHlarious lipsyncing/dialogue replacement clip, similar to Nigga TUrtles of the other day, just this time with Game Of Thrones as the base footage!

Definitely worth a watch (and a lol)

Monday, 4 November 2013

VIDEO: Coffee Jerks

Most of us like COFFEE, I sure do. In fact, I'm drinking some right now. But one has to go far to get a really good cup of coffee sometimes, just check out this hilar vid from the early 1950s/60s for some reallllllly sexist/jerky coffee advertising. It's worth a lol

Saturday, 2 November 2013

VIDEO: Body Evolution

I sit close to the retouchers of many of our magazines, and i've seen many an arb retouch and hectic overkill needed for a cover, so I know and have seen things like this, but this is just hectic, sjoe.

Observe and see for yourself.

Friday, 1 November 2013

VIDEO: STick man baby costume

O snap.

I was supposed to share this yesterday for Halloween! But alas, this is a cute baby with a STick man costume! :)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


This just happened 20 minutes ago in the CBD. Chaos, almost GTA-ish of these protestors/rioters/barbarians.

This is not, and will never be, the right way of expressing unhappiness about services!


VIDEO: Chainsmoker sheep

This clip is HILARIOUS! Imagine a sheep that has been smoking his whole life, this is what this sounds like! n Skaap met n daggabors! :')

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

VIDEO: Stevie G interviewed by a witty 10 Year Old

What a cute interview!

This little LFC fan grills Stevie G in this cute interview! Both of them handle the interview very well! :)

Friday, 25 October 2013

VIDEO: Nigga Turtles

Oh teh lulz.

SOme talented individual has taken the time to dub over nigga dialogue onto the old Ninja Turtles movie!
Many lolz follow!


Monday, 21 October 2013

VIDEO: Get your hand off my..

Ha. I feel like this sometimes, scold people in a pompous British sounding accent.

This is the most Like A Sir way of being arrested! Enjoy!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

VIDEO: Matrix doggies

Because I love the Matrix and cute doggies, here's a video of cute doggies doing matrix stuffs :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

VIDEO: Hashtag

Oh, just Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon going on about hashtags :)

Really funny and well done!

Friday, 11 October 2013

VIDEO: Slip n Slide party

With Summer nearly here, I'm sharing this epic pool party vid with you guys. Ek kan skaars swem, but I really wanna do this! :)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


You like popcorn, everybody does.

BUt NO-ONE can eat popcorn as BOSS as this dude does.

He is, the popcorn BOSS.

Monday, 7 October 2013

VIDEO: Dog one two stepping

What a long day.

If you had a long day like me, check out this vid of a dog 1, 2 stepping. :)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

VIDEO: Rihanna Pour it Up audition

So, it's got down to this.

Rihanna and Miley are having a smetlympics, to see who can be the skankiest of all, and I've got bad news for you Miley, you're gonna lose hard.

Rihanna has been on her decline into the abyss of skankiness for a few years now and she's got it on lock.

As you can see in her new Pour it Up music video, which you can view below, but check out this crazy audition tape of one of the dancers in the video, some Youtube commenters labeled it as 'art'.

You decide for yourself!

Here's the full music video of Pour It Up, in all it's skanky wonder.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Digitization of the Media

Hi all.

SO I done a talk today about the Digitization of the Media, with a focus on Digital Magazines and I must tell you guys it went pretty well!

Venue was cool, crowd of people were great (it was an intimate setting of about 20 people) and the questions were engaging and fun! I'm seriously thinking that this can be a great sideline for me!

Anyhoo. I think it's always cool to share my stuff, so here's the quick pressie I done. Enjoy :)

It's very brief and I of course elaborated more on each point when I spoke, but you'll get the gist of it :)

Monday, 30 September 2013

VIDEO: Danielle

Wow. Just wow. This clip is amazing

It's an artists idea of how we age, using a few females out of the same gene-line. I think it's amazingly done, because, as with age, you watch it, and you don't know it happens, and when you realize what's happening, you're an old person!


Danielle from Anthony Cerniello on Vimeo

Friday, 27 September 2013

MakeShift Band

Hi all.


Some music to share from our little band that I've been jamming worth.

Robin, Riggs and myself have been jamming for a few weeks now and the results are kinda cool.

I've loaded a couple of our jams to soundcloud and I'm sharing it with you guys to give a listen and share with your friends. All the tracks are available to download as well :)


Thursday, 26 September 2013


Parenting is very easy to get wrong. But! This dad is taking it to the next level! Check out this collection of Vine Videos of him being a batman dad :D

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


How cool is this. This dude found the guy that does the VO of the EA SPORTS, It's IN THE GAME voice :D I would go bonkers and got chills down my spine when he said it. I've played every Fifa game since 05 and have been a fan since Fifa 98, so it was surreal to see the face behind that voice :)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

INFOGRAPHIC: Mariana Trench

I love seeing things like this. Just shows how infinitesimal us humans really are. IT's an infographic of the Mariana Trench; the deepest part of the world's oceans.

We've explored galaxies far away in space, but yet we don't know what's happening in our own oceans. Insert that History Channel guy here; HUMANS! For all we know there's some Pacific Rim alien-action going on down there

Marvel below at how much of Earth we still don't know. (if you can't read properly, which you probably can't coz the pic is so long, just click on the image for the full image, then click on it to zoom)

Monday, 23 September 2013

VIDEO: Phonebloks

A truly revolutionary concept.

Phonebloks is a creative/unique/ingenious concept and, if it works, will revolutionize the mobile phone market.

Check it out below and formulate your own opinion on it.

Friday, 20 September 2013

MUSIC VIDEO: MiCasa - Jika

O yeah, it's Fridaaaaaay, so let's get down to the best of SA music, Mi Casa's JIKA!

ALways makes me wanna get down and boogie!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

VIDEO: Super dooper low bass singing

This is a clip of a very talented bass singer hitting the LOWEST NOTES EVER, sjoe, it sounds like he's a talented burper at times!

I'm positive this dudes voice is like 2 octaves lower than mine!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

VIDEO: Line Cartoon Dude (La Linea)

Look what I found, the first episode of the olllld line cartoon, La Linea :)

I used to dig this cartoon so much and I'm glad i found this, to share with you all! And remember guys, if she doesn't know this, she's too young for you bro :')

Monday, 16 September 2013

VIDEO: USB Lighter

Because we love Japan, here's a wonderful display of stellar advertising, for a USB Lighter. It's filled with what-the-hell, are-you-kidding-me, and dafuq, so enjoy it! I promise it will make you feel better on this dreary Monday

Friday, 13 September 2013

VIDEO: Friday WTF - Japan World Cup

Yay. It's Friday, and the perfect day to watch a nice WTF video. Today's one come from a game called Japan World Cup. I love Japanese culture, and this is another gem in the their crown of arb randomness.

It's a horseracing game like no other. With weird jockeys, transforming horse, floats, robots, ninjas, and everything necessary to keep laughs happening for hours :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

VIDEO: Huge-ass DIY Slip n SLide

How much time must you have on your hands to catch on such shit!

We like it though! Check it out, it's a crazy-mad slip n slide from a ROOF. Hilarity ensues.

Monday, 9 September 2013


Hi all.

Do you remember THIS SHORT STORY? and THIS CLIP?

Well, I was trawling through my archives of forgotten creative endeavours, and found THIS, a 5 min clip of me doing some lines from my script for this short story.

I'll never finish this short story. Too many other ideas have already surpassed it on my list of creative things to finish. Then add a full time job, part time studies and a baby on the way and all my free time goes bye bye.

SO. That being said. I love the fact that the quality of this clip is so good. The Nokia N8 is really a viable tool to shoot short stories, even music videos, and tutorials, etc. You just need good natural light/good artificial light and a decent mic. So all those creatives out there, struggling to get good equipment, you can do A LOT with very little, if you're just clever about it!

Anyhoo. Love that you can see I've got some acting acumen in this clip, don't laugh, but one day when I'm big I wouldn't mind being an action hero on the big screen. If Sharlto Copley can do it, so can I :) Lol.

Here's the clip. Watch and share.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

PICTURE : International break

Baaaah, the international break is such a downer after the frantic end to the transfer window! 

We sat glued to the screens, waiting to see who would not only come into our teams we support, but who would come into each team to make the Premier League stronger!

So now, we wait. . .

Friday, 6 September 2013

VIDEO: Twerk

It's Friday, so here's a vid of some REALLL twerking, not this skinny-no-bum-having nonsense Miley's trying to make you believe is cool ;)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

VIDEO: ANdroid and Kitkat

After Jelly-Bean and Ice-Cream sandwich, Android are coming out with Android Kit Kat :D No, seriously, check out this cool clip.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

VIDEO: Scooter flip

Ah, I so much want to own a trap-skoetertjie, but sjoe, I'll never be able to do this! This is awesome!

Monday, 2 September 2013

VIDEO: Dizzee Rascal - I Don't A Reason

Always been a fan of Dizzee Rascal and when I heard this on radio it blew me away!

Luckily the video is also epic and filled with WTFs!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Big news


I can't think of any other way of doing this but to do it this way.

As more people find out about this event in my life, more people will skinner.

So, lets get it out.

I'm gonna be a daddy.

No, seriously, I am. And as I turn 26 today I felt its a good time to share this news.

Lauren and I are expecting a little one and she's due nov/dec. 

The best way to prevent tattle tales from tattle tale-ing is to give y'all the right news from the perd se bek.

So ja. We didn't expect it but we're fully focused on getting the little one here safe and making sure he/she has a good life, learns how to play FIFA and loves Liverpool football club :D

Thanks for listening and have a nice day :)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MUSIC VIDEO: Robin Thicke - Give it 2 U

I can't understand how Miley Cyrus' performance got such a huge hoo hah, because to be honest it wasn't entertaining and her singing was terrible. Robin THicke redeemed himself with a good performance of his new song Give it 2 U and then Kendrick KILLLLED IT, then watched the video after where you can see why Robin Thicke was wearing the suit he was, as the whole music video is American Football themed and he's like a ref, for all the hot biatches :)

Look out for 2 Chainz's ASS FLOAT too! :)

A very fun music video indeed!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

VIDEO: GoPro at football training

After doing a Harlem Shake, Manchester City are back being all fun and techy.

This is a clip of them playing around with GoPro camera, taking it through it's paces. It's pretty cool! One for all the footy fans regardless of who you support.

That being said, maybe if they focus on football training and not such fun stuff, they might not go down to teams like Cardiff so easily! Lol.

Monday, 26 August 2013


Few games have touched my life quite like Fifa has, since Fifa 05 I have got nearly every single Fifa title, bar one or two editions, and this next one looks to continue the stellar game play we're used to and take it to the next level!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

BABE SCOUT: Emily Ratajkowski (semi NSFW)

WHooooo, haven't done a Babe Scout in ages hey!


No more.

Check out this month's Babe, Emily Ratajkowski.

She's got Polish and British blood in her

SHe recently blew up on the scene after being in the Blurred Lines music video of Robin Thicke (If you haven't seen the uncut version, you better go check it out)

Snippet from #BlurredLines

Get this, she's only 22! But she is smoking hottttt. This post is slightly NSFW owing to epic amounts of sideboob and a teeny weeny bit of nipplage. Enjoy the pics :)

Langbek maar n lekker bek :')

No bum :(

Planks never looked so sexy
Nice Bangles

Lady in (a) red (g string thingy)

Love such normal-non-makeup snaps to see if models are really hot!

Side boob #1

Side boob #2. I'm sure her nips were shopped out of this pic though

Naked but safe :')

Best American Flag I've seen in a while

Aaaaand some nipplage to finish off the post

Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday WTF: Baby yoga

Just when you though Friday was going ok, there's BABY YOGA

Yoga, done WITH Babies! IT's not even stretching the body! At all!!

Thursday, 22 August 2013


This is the full trailer for the movie Elysium, the new offering from Neill Blomkamp.

I loveddddd District 9 and this looks similarly epic. Great to see South African dudes making it big time in the Hollywood!!

Check it out :)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

VIDEO: Pimpin Preachers

If it's not enough that so many churches are misusing religion for self gain, there is a series starting soon that is actually all about that! Not sure if this is a spoof or not, but it just galvanises what we know already.

  Preachers be pimpin!

Monday, 19 August 2013

VIDEO: Why so many girls aspire to be models

Remember one of our older Babe Scouts, Arianny Celeste? Well, I follow her on twitter (who wouldn't) and I recently saw she posted about her 2014 calender. So how those work is you buy it and it gets delivered, etc, but this video made me really realize WHY so many chicks/girls/women/hoeners/grakke/kinners/meire/vrouens aspire to or at least playplay-pretend that they are models and that they are of that LIFE

She shared a video of the behind-the-scenes of her calender shoot, and WOW, she has a life eh. An entourage trippling around her constantly making sure she is dressed, make-up-ed, and lotioned enough, seeing to her every need. It's easy to see why (some) women would want that life. But Arianny has one thing many women don't have. Yes, she is made up and pampered a lot, and yes, she is retouched a lot in image editing programmes after as well, but under all that, she is a genuinely gorgeous human specimen above the norm, and unless you have that, it's a pining for a life you'll never have. It's the same for guys with these super fit and handsome fitness models. I ain't hating on them, in fact, more power to them coz they use what they have to GET WHAT THEY WANT! Just wish more people did this instead of hating!

That being said, check out the video and keep a lappie nearby to wipe the drool :P

Friday, 16 August 2013

VIDEO: Porn sex VS Real sex

Haha, ever wonder how porn sex measures up to real sex?

Now you can check it our with this vid :)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

ARTICLE: Personal Branding

So, today I done a little talk at CPUT, chatting to 3rd year Multimedia students about PERSONAL BRANDING. Some of them look like they know a bit about what life is going to throw at them, others, look blissfully clueless at what lies ahead!

But that's how students are right?

I decided to put my notes from the powerpoint I used on here. To share with you all :)


Have something that makes you stand out from the rest of the cool kids. Whether it be a name, a logo, a phrase, a hashtag that you use in every tweet that you can use to reference and build seo, anything really. Anything that makes you different from the pack of sames out here on the interwebs and in life


A site just like this one. It doens't need to be fancy. Keep it clean and simple. I'm not saying create a site from scratch. With Wordpress and Blogger you don't need to know coding and don't have to worry about hosting. So there's no excuse to not have your own space online. It’s essential to have a headquarters, where you can share everything that encompasses who you are, what you do, your thoughts, your projects.


It is essential that you have a social media presence. Engage often on Twitter and build an audience by sharing often. You'll have no idea what power lies in Twitter until you engage more. It will click eventually. Just keep tweeting and keep sharing and engaging socially.

Use Facebook to share with friends and network more officially. Twitter, although a serious mechanism for networking, is seen as the less serious of the two, as Facebook carries your identity as a genuine person. It has your real name, your real details, not a funky twitter handle and whimsical bio. Use it correctly and it can be an asset. Use the FB fanpages to build audience as well. It's a great place to keep portfolios or whatever art/creative things you do, and also Work In Progress pics. It's especially great if you don't have your own site or blog.

For creatives, use platforms like Deviant Art and CG society to network, grow and share with creatives. You'll find that the critique/advice/quality artists on these platforms will inspire and encourage you to be better and grow.


The internet is littered with lots of crap, so in your attempt to reach new eyes and ears and if you're trying to get a new/better job, try to engage in clever ways to keep and entertain your following and to extend your brand further

Use YouTube/Instagram to present/share your work but also do tutorials and help others. You'll get different kind of people interacting with you with these two and you must try to be as visible as possible. You see if you have a Twitter/FB/Blog/YouTube/Google+/Instagram that all share the same brand name, you're building your brand and buidling an improved SEO to make people searching Google find you so much easier! 

Share often, but don’t spam. Incentivize sharing with free downloads of things you create that others can use and share. People who design fonts/icons/psd presets/etc many a time share their work for free with others, but use an incentive like joining their mailing list, or sharing a tweet about said download as 'payment' for the download. Things like this work well.

Learn. Often. And don't stop. Do tutorials often and grow! Go to sites like videocopilot to learn from experts who present hard to learn things in easily digestible portions.

Take criticism, critique and comments from people willing to engage with you, but DON’T FEED THE TROLLS. You'll end up degrading yourself and look second best because trolls are very good at what they do; making people feel bad about themselves by flinging insults from behind their keyboards.


Your voice is important. Be creative, exciting, edgy, but know the boundaries, but remember, you want people to hire you, not hate you. You have freedom of speech but don’t be silly. We've seen many a person land in hot water about a tweet or a rant.

I'm definitely not saying be fake all the time, but express yourself wisely. A bad rep can follow you around and be hard to shake. Be strong, have an opinion, don't be a easily-swayed, but don’t force it on others.


I studied 3d animation for 2 years to get Btec diploma, then worked 4 ½ years as a 3d artist at the place where I interned after during college, as I impressed in my internship. After growing unhappy in my job, I found myself tweeting a lot more and built up quite a good rapport and following with many cool folks, and found that blog (my fourth attempt at a blog) was doing ok for a new comer. I had inadvertently used personal online branding to get myself set up to get another job, I just didn't know it yet. I was asked by one of my Twitter followers to come do a similar talk that I done today with his 2nd year journalism students at Bellville's CPUT campus, and it went swell. A few months after that, he called me, asking me if I'd like another job? I was like HELL YEAH! Turns out one of his peers had a new job opportunity open at their company and was looking for fresh blood with fresh ideas. I went for the interview, got the job as a Digital Analyst, and since then I've been promoted twice to be where I am now, a Digital Magazines Sales Manager. And I'm still growing all the time. I'm studying part time to get a BA Communication degree through Unisa, and although it's very draining and time consuming and energy sapping, I'm sure it will be well worth it in the end.

My Goal? Following my degree completion, to have my own mixed media company. Until then, we hustle.


I'm far from perfect though. You can learn from my experiences. 

  • I’m too scattered and not focused.
  • Try your best to find your niche and stick to it, too many things, and you might lose track
  • Have many ideas, but don’t get lost in them.
  • When a project is not working for you, either put a deadline to it and finish it, or cancel it completely. Half projects that never get done eat at the soul
  • Consistency over frequency

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

VIDEO: Liverpool 3d head scan

Ah, Fifa, my favourite game ever.

Was pretty shocked to hear how expensive Fifa 14 is going to be, but it's also great to know that Liverpool is going to have their whole squad having their own likeness!! Check out this awesome video showing how they capture the players likeness below

Can't wait for this :)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

VIDEO: American Premier League coach

Haha, this has been floating around the interwebs for a while, and it's hilarious!

Love the whole American/UK sports mashup thing and juxtaposes the whole Football/Soccer argument :)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

ARTICLE: Saving is like studying

Saving really is like studying.

One moment you think that you'll still be ok, and then BOOM, the exam hits and you don't have enough knowledge to do it easily, and then you have to wing it and sometime you'll even fail the exam. You had ample time to to prepare and study and if you did, if you put in all the time and effort, even when it was tough, you'd be plain sailing through that exam, if only

With saving it's similar. When you need something, and it's expensive or of high value, and you didn't save. You can try as you will, you won't get that money quick enough to get what you want. If you saved from earlier on, you would've easily got what you want, but it seemed like too much hard work at the time, so you didn't. No you get something on credit and it makes you shit your pants for months after, just like failing an exam!

All this is summarized, very concisely in this youtube clip. It's one of those irritating youtube ads that you actually sit through coz it's kinda cool. It's alll about saving. And keep in mind, I'm not advertising Absa. I personally think Absa and FNB rip us off HEAVILY with their bank fees, but give credit where it's due, this is a cool ad!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

VIDEO: Idris is Mandela



Someone has hit the nail on the head. Mandela's accent. Idris. You've got it 98% correct, which is amazing. I could never understand why people faffed about Morgan Freeman as Madiba as he NEVER done him or the accent justice.

Idris Elba really looks the beezneez in this and as a South African, who grew up in the new South Africa, I can't wait to see this!

Monday, 5 August 2013


I'm so glad Keanu Reeves is making movies again :) Just check out how cool this is!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

VIDEO: First Person Sonic!

If you're a 90s kid, you know and love Sonic the Hedgehog!

Pity that the game hasn't really taken off since then, but the vintage Sonic is still the best!

Check out this cool video where it's a first-person experience of the classic flat gameplay!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

VIDEO: Take Back the Night - Justin Timberlake

I'm a BIIIIIIIIIIG fan of Justin Timberlake. Big Big! Since N'Sync days already, lol, so I've been keenly following his new musical endeavours, so here is Take back the Night! I love this tune, very Michael Jackson-y :)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

VIDEO: Grizzly Affair

Ha! So many bear jokes, so little time!!

This is some surveillance footage of bears getting DOWN at a lucky tree in the forest!

I need a backscratch like that RIGHT NOW! Work is currently...unbearable :) (I had too make at least one, lol #allowMe)

Monday, 29 July 2013

MUSIC: Covers

Hey all. So after all the shares of the covers last week, here are all of them in one post.

Thanks so much to all who listen and engage :)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

VIDEO: Racoon smackdown


THis guys doggy got attacked by a racoon, and he saved the doggy by tossing the racoon like a wrestling throw!

Most of the comments are going about is it right to throw the racoon like that, what happened to the racoon, bla bla bla, if it was in the wild, then it would be the owner's fault, but this was at his house, so haaties for the racoon for being caught out by the owner. If it was my fluffy, I'd bodyslam that racoon to next tuesday :P

Monday, 22 July 2013

VIDEO: Morgan Freeman impression done right

I'm not the biggest fan of Morgan Freeman (not that I don't like him, just that, I don't get the internet hype of his voice being the best in the world, bla bla, gimme James Earl Jones narration anyday!) but this is a pretty darn good impression of the man reading something, that he wouldn't usually read!

Friday, 19 July 2013

VIDEO: Anime-esque robot body suit

This is just down right whack. Those of you who like anime probably have seen something like this in Anime before, but this, although claiming to be real, looks super fake, but it's still very whack/funny/wtf!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

VIDEO: Sexy Cow Bump

In case you think your morning has been bad, you could've been this cow, or this driver. Just when I thought the internet has run out of new stuff, you see something like this!! :')

Thursday, 11 July 2013

VIDEO: Game Of Thrones VFX breakdowns

Most of you guys love Game Of Thrones, I love it too! But we sometimes forget just how much work goes into it! Check out this cool video of how some of the shots were done from Season 1. Lots of work went into this show, that's why we appreciate it and enjoy it!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

VIDEO: Parkour epicness

I'd love to one day be able to do Parkour, but until then, I'll marvel at dudes like this! It's a video of a first person view of Parkour!

Monday, 8 July 2013

VIDEO: BUbble Football

Ha. I would play the shit out of this! It's BUBBLE FOOTBALL!

Soccer played inside plastic bubbles! Looks like big fun! Those tackles man!

Friday, 5 July 2013

VIDEO: Fat guy with Mad SKills!

This is an awesome clip of a fat dude with mad skills! He makes normal fit players look bad!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

COMPETITION: Birthday Sounds


Congrats to @_potz_ who won the comp!

Similar to my last competition, I know you guys love SOUND. We all love music. We all love a good party. So. In the next Random Arbjects competition, I'm giving away a pair of SKULLCANDY HESH headphones. With a twist.

Here's what to do.

My birthday is the 31st of August. It's on a Saturday. Last year my bday party was quite epic (those who were there know ;) ) but I'm not sure what to do this year, so I thought I might as well ask you guys.

I want you, in the comment section below, tell me what you think would be either a cool theme for a party at a club (ie, White Party, Letter of the Alphabet party (where you pick a letter of the alphabet, let's say S, for my name, and come as something starting with that letter), CosPlay party, etc) or tell me a cool concept for a party, not at a club, (ie, rock climbing, a 5-a-side soccer tourney, sky-diving, etc)

The best idea, wins the pair of HESH SKULLIES! Which, may I add, have amazing sound and look cool as well.

I'll choose the winner on my birthday!

Rules for the competition:

This competition is only for people in Cape Town.
Only people who comment below as per above question will qualify
Previous winners of competitions can't win again (sorry Wezzie!)
The judge's decision is final!

aaaaaaand GO!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

VIDEO; Matrix-esque Fireworks

Go Pro's are really cool (hint for anyone wanting to get me something for my bday!) and here's another cool use for it!

Friday, 28 June 2013

VIDEO: IRL Photoshop!

For all the Photoshop fans out there, this is a really cool prank played on unsuspecting bus users!

They're photoshopping them live as they wait!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

VIDEO: PS4 Interface

Soooo, this is a video of the PS4 interface, and it looks like the gaming will be HEAVILY based on a social experience (which is funny coz most times I play games to NOT be social, unless it's a Fifa Tourney!)

This approach is cool and whatevs, but for South Africa with its SLOW and EXPENSIVE internet, it's not feasible just yet, but still, very awesome!

I just got a PS3 this year though so I'm not worried with PS4 in the mean time :)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

ARTICLE: My Belly Off and Reboot

SO! It's my last day of the Sleekgeek Reboot today. 30 days of craziness, hunger pangs, and weight loss. I lost about 4 kg on this, but it's interesting because I've been doing the MH Belly Off as well over the last 12 weeks, and although I got a bit stronger and a bit fitter in this time, I didn't really lose weight..

Last day today!

So. 12 weeks ago (it's the last week of the belly off as well this week), I was 90kg! FML. It wasn't cool. Saw myself in the mirror and wondered, damnit man, wtf, how'd I let it get this far. Hardly exercised, and ate everything in my path. I started the Belly Off, and eased into the strength training and the cardio, but didn't really follow the eating plan. Started to see some slooow results, but wanted to accelerate the weight loss. I can't remember how I stumbled on the Reboot detox plan, but I did, and it worked out quite awesomely.

Omelette you finish, but my healthy meal cooked with no oil is the bomb!
NO added sugar (meaning no cakes, no sodas, no sugar in coffee, I didn't even drink juice), NO alcohol (that part was the easiest), NO legumes (so no peas, lentils, etc), NO grains/starch (so no bread, wheat, pasta, corn, oats, rice, etc, missed All Bran and rice the most out of these), NO dairy (no cheese, yoghurt, milk, etc, really missed milk and cheese at the start, but you get used to it after a while), and then, NO WHITE POTATOES! Hurt my soul bad that last one! But replaced that with sweet potatoes. Tasted ok. So my breakfast and lunch was similar, where I would have a meat/fish/poultry part, two veg of my choice, like broccoli and patty pans, then have egg some days in different forms, and then maybe mushrooms, but then also lettuce and tomato as well. SO it wasn’t too bad an adjustment. Coffee was had with no milk and sugar and I also drank green tea, 1 cup a day, and LOTS OF WATER. LOTS.

Replacing chips when eating out was tricky, but it's doable! Especially with yummy veg!

In between all this, I exercised with the Belly Off workouts and became stronger all the way through.

Two weeks ago, after playing FivesFutbol and surviving for a WHOLE HOUR without subbing myself, a colleague suggest I use the gym facilities on one of our floors to improve my cardio but little did I know that he was going to train me as well! Last week we ran from work, through the Waterfront to Cape Town Stadium and back. Now you non-unfit people might think that little 5km run was chippies, BUT, whenever I used to run it used to be run a minute, walk a minute and a half, and carry on in that fashion, this was NON-STOP RUNNING! I couldn’t deal. I was surprised I didn’t kap om, it was hilarious. First my chest started to pain. Then my lungs, then the pain proceeded down to my Milt Steek, then it went down to my groins, then my calves got a good wallop, then finally, in the last stretch of road, my feet became almost useless as they were paining so bad. Combo of this new experience and bad running footwear (I ran in my Cortez, and still am using it in the mean time!)

had to make these snacks for builders building at our place, and I couldn't even have! bleh

The day after that, we done an indoor workout, but it was some military superset stuff that killed me EVEN MORE! My sweater, shorts and everything, even my socks, were drenched in sweat! And you must understand, I’m not a sweat-er. I hardly sweat a lot when I’m exercising, so this was crazy! After that, the next day, another run, it went better, but I was still so far off pace and lagging behind, but baby steps right, literally, I was running with baby steps, haha. Then this previous weekend, I done the belly off workout Friday, a mini run Saturday (3km, not once stopping to walk!) and then Sunday another Belly Off workout. Come Monday we did another military-esque workout, but it went ok. Was broken after, but not as broken as I was.

Weekends were the hardest part! Constantly resisting such things!

Which leads us to today. The last day of the reboot. Weather permitting, we’ll go for a run or do more indoor stuff today, but can you see what happened in these last 12 weeks? A lifestyle change. New habits were formed. The main pitfall of such a detox and exercise programme is the backlash of falling back into the old ways of eating and living, but I’m enjoying the extra strength my body has too much!

Make sure you follow a decent exercise regimen. I can now play an hour game of Fives Futbol without dying! Yay! (that's me kicking a shot of doom towards the unsuspecting keep :D )

I’ll balance it out now, food wise, I’ll still make my own food for work a lot more than buying, as you save money and you have more control over what you put in your mouth and making sure it’s healthy, and I’m definitely not going to drop the physical activity either! I’ll just throw in a few fast food days and first thing I’ll do is put All Bran back in my diet. Something adverse of the reboot is my regularity was tainted. I need that shit back. Get it. That was a pun. Almost, anyway.

So yes. If you’ve read this far, thanks for listening to my jabbering. Hopefully when you see me do a post like this again, I’ll be at my goal weight (75, I’m 82 this morning, and I was 90) and lean and mean like a mo fo. You’ll know when this happens as I’ll bombard my twitter feed with ab pics (I won’t really, I promise)
Moral of the story? Don’t aim to look like people in magazines, live healthy instead, be as fit as you feel you can be, and reap the benefits!

If you're looking for a starting place to start your journey to lose your gut, GET THIS DIGITAL MAG

Monday, 24 June 2013

MUSIC VIDEO: Major Lazer - Bubble Butt

Hahaha, here's the famed Major Lazer vid alllll about Bubble Butttttts :')

Watch it and form your own opinion.

I quite like it :D

Friday, 21 June 2013

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Only the second Babe Scout of 2013! And the year is nearly halfway through!

This time it's Melanie Iglesias, one of GQ's prize babes.

She is from Puerto Rican/Italian/Filipino descent, and all this boils down to one Pot of HOtness!!

selfie and very hotsy :P

Lady in Red
I love it when hot model babes are hot WITHOUT all the photoshop and retouching!
Check it out!
Tickle me pink :3
Defo wallpaper material
Just enough curve to keep us looking :D
*wipes drool*
A little side boob aint hurt nobarreh :')
Perfect 10!
Sweet and innocent!

Side note, apparently she turned down Playboy and stripping down nude for a bajillion dollars. WHich is cool. Leaving something to the imagination is always good :)

AND FINALLY, something bonus, some nice gifs I found on the interwebs of her doing some stellar work :)