Friday, 4 January 2013

ARTICLE: Matric Names

SOOOOO, I picked up the Matric results Die Burger today, to continue my habit of LAUGHING OUT LOUD at the absolute shite names some parents give their kids. Really parents. Your kid must have that name ALL THEIR LIFE. Some parents just don't think it through.

I kept a strict criteria. Only schools from coloured suburbs in the Western Cape. They're my target names! And only first names. I could really give a caption for each name and why it's funny, but there are so many names, I had to put them in a table!


Lots of Italian themed names I found, don't know if it's 'cool' to name your kid something that sounds Italian, don't know what culture trend could have caused it when these kids were born. Lots of parent-mashup names as well, a few different spellings for more common names, once again, I suppose, to 'stand out from the crowd' and then also, lots of plain FUCKED UP names that I can't even think how the parents came up with it. I understand many parents want their kids to be different and unique from the get go, but giving them a shitty name is sometimes a hindrance and not a help! I myself have an eccentric double barrel name, so I can make fun, but it's darem not as erg as some of these up here!

Anyhoo, this is also something I've wanted to share for a while, it's more common names for people who are now my age, chicks born in the 80s. If you're a chick and you were born in the 80s in Cape Town, chances are one of these names is your name or a variant there of!!

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