Wednesday, 27 February 2013

BABE SCOUT: Arianny Celeste

And it's the first BABE SCOUT of 2013!!

I've been hectically busy since 2013 began, but I finally found some time and the right Babe to share with you all!

I might be delayed with this though, because I don't watch UFC, but the BABE SCOUT this time is Arianny Celeste.

Her name rhymes with Biriyani, for a reason, she is spicy hot and her face is picture perfect. She's a UFC Octagon girl and that's why I said I might be delayed about her hotness, because I don't watch UFC because I think it's silly (please don't tell any UFC fighters this, as they may get me into a sweaty-legged submission lock on the floor and I'll tap out) but she might just make me want to! As usual, click on pics for full size!

In her UFC uniform

Dem Curves!

She has great...um...jaw structure

Hulle se n mooi vrou is almal se vrou :( Sy's baie mooi.

You know what they say about purple..

Wonder how many push-ups she can do?


Knockout body fo sho

'Haha, I'm hotter than your girlfriend' - Arianny

I saw this photo quite a while back, but had no idea who she was, until Google randomness found her.

This photo had to be cropped off. Google her to find out why. :)
Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did scouting them pics :) I hope to continue bringing hotness in 2013 for all you dudes and chicks. Enjoy!

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