Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Sooo, many of you know (many of you do not know) that I make music in my spare time.

When I had lots of spare time I done it a lot more than I actually do now, but life happens hey. I've been a musician for very long now already, and the whole reason that I'm working a corporate job now is so that I can be creative later on in life and not worry about money. I'm trying to learn how to be creative AND make money and not just doppie money, like money money, you know. :)

Anyhoo. I've just added some of my music to GROOVESHARK, a platform that allows you to stream music easily, but also to upload your music as well if you're an artist. I'm already on a few platforms, but I see it as a magazine in different retailers, you sell your mag in PnP, Checkers and Woolies, all to reach different people, this is the same! It's mostly old songs, but it won't hurt sharing them again.

Who knows, somewhere in this year I might just make some new stuff. We shall see. I've lately found myself with more time to play around and last night was the first time in ages I actually sat down and played some piano. In ages. Like eons. Anyhoo. Enjoy the music on the platform you prefer! My music on other platforms below.

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