Tuesday, 19 February 2013


OH YES I DID. Women who do this work my nerves.


Now even though I'm not necessarily looking for a gf at the mo, and don't really have time for fickle bitches that do things like this, (yes, I called em bitches, wonder why that particular female animal noun is so offensive as opposed to cow/doe/molly (this is a female cat, did you even know that?!) imagine if I called them fickle mollies, silly does, taatie cows, bet you wouldn't be frowning, but I digress, and gracefully exit my double bracket) it must be said, that IRL, on Twitter, Facebook, etc, I see this happening all the time. Chicks catching on their own head's nonsense (sounds so much better in afrikaans, hul eie kop se kak) and then after initial bad decisions, they wanna mope about and moan about how bad the male-race is, NOOOOOOO, it's not the male race, it's your choices of the male race that's the problem, whether they be superficially motivated, or just astros-for-brains motivated, is jou eie ding, bet you can't even pick a good meal from a Spur menu, YES, this is still one sentence, so what, my point is, I see SO MANY chicks, who like dudes I know, that know they're interested, but won't do anything, because, they'd rather date a douche for whatever silly reason.

Moral of the story: Don't date a doos.

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