Thursday, 7 February 2013


GUESS WHAT!!! On this day, two years ago, Random Arbjects had its first post!! That means my little webspace is TWO YEARS OLD TODAY!!

Happy bday RA, Happy bday RA, happy beeedaaaay to RRRR AAAA, Happy bday to you! :D

Here's the link to the first post of RA, it was just an introductory post: 1st words

After that it was followed by a review of Rango, and then a quick article of Pepe Reina that might be leaving Lfc. I was really still trying to define what this blog is all about and what to blog about.

From there it was videos, and photos, and articles, and short stories, and pictures and so much more!! I'm really proud of what RA has become and how many people have visited the site from all over the world, but I still feel it can become so much more!! Here's hoping that in the future it will grow from strength to strength. I promise you guys, before this year is done, there will be more original music, videos, pictures, comics, articles, and photo shoots for you to enjoy. I will make time for it :)

My present, to you, my valued reader, is a few Random Arbjects wallpapers. If you guys like them, let me know in the comments below and I'll add a new one every week. Just my way of saying thank you :)For full size click on the images.

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