Monday, 22 April 2013

COMIC: Forever Alone Through The Years

This is a comic I've been working on for soooo long. Not that it took long to make it, just that it took long for me to actually go from idea-sketch-finish.

It's an idea that I've been thinking for a while now. I'm silly. I don't trust anyone. Like really. And many times I get proven right for my mistrust. But I remember very strongly when I was still very much Mr Platonic, that whenever I was chatting to a potential date/mate/future gf, and this was still in mxit days ne, I always used to get peeved off if I send something to them and they take FOREVER to reply back. I know myself that I'm not always at my phone or pc to reply back to messages and things, but somehow I always felt that if I showed my amourous intent to a chick in anyway, and they don't respond in a similar way online in chatting, that they 1) Don't feel it back 2) are too busy chatting to other dudes 3) having sex with that dude at that very moment. Lol. 

You check your time and you'll be like, shit man, it's been like 5 minutes already and she's still not replied to my frikken message!

And then I wondered, what would that be like through they years, through the ages, for other dudes stuck in the friendzone or in the forever alone zone. And this is the result...

The thing is. We can't have everyone we're interested in. If we did, we'd all die from STDs of some sort. So it's understandable that we all are careful of who we open up to, and open our legs and raise our poles to. So, if she takes a while to reply, or does not reply, remember...sometimes the message is NOT RECEIVING A MESSAGE BACK. The reply you're waiting for is in the non-reply! Use it don't use it! 

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