Monday, 15 April 2013

COMPETITION: The search for the "Great Gatsby"

So here's something different.

My fellow blogger BoereworsGirl and I, have a competition for y'all.

We're looking for the best place in the Northern Suburbs to get a GATSBY, you know, the masala-steak-wrapped-in-big-buns-caressed-by-slap-chips-doused-in-delicious-sauce-garnished-with-lettuce-and-tomato-served-with-love-enjoyed-with-2l-gas-cooldrink dyte :)

Irony is, me being this thin, with two fat-ass gatsbys in my hands. It was 3 years ago though :)

Pretty much all the nice places for gatsby dytes are in Southern Suburbs, and ain't nobody got time for driving all the way to the S Subs when the gatsby urge comes along!

So here's what we propose:

Where can Mr RandomArbjects and BoereworsGirl find the greatest gatsby of the North?

Suggestions for Northern Suburb Gatsby places can be given in the comment box on this post. 

Alternatively, follow us on twitter @BoereworsGirl and @Spenelo to give suggestions, include this hashtag #greatgatsby or stalk us if you want, we appreciate passionate gatsby lovers!

So this is how it's going to work:

Step 1:
All suggestions given will be put into a poll which both of our sites will update

Step 2:
An selection of 5 will be up for a vote and the most votes will obviously be the winning Gatsby Joint

Step 3:
The winning joint's voters will be put into a random drawmarizer

Step 4:
The random winner will accompany us to said joint (dodge and all) and feast on us



So, happy gatsby chowing and sharing :)

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