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GUEST BLOGGER: "Cheers to the 'my late 20's' club" by @BoereworsGirl

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There's always talk about those in their early 20's.  When kids finally gain some kind of independence, a drivers licence, and a bank card (savings) with THEIR hard earned cash.
Or the "early 30's" gang.  The settled ones. Who (according to mainstream society) have an established career, a down payment on their first home,  possibly a spouse by now, and the onset of 2.5 children.

So what about those in their late 20's?  Coming down from the high (literal or figurative) all the partying their earlier years caused.  Learning how kak debt is (thanks savings account for nothing).  And trying not to stab someone whenever they say..."Just a few more years and you're 30..." thanks...the years in uni didn't teach me basic math skill.

We're freakin out, cos majority of us are yet to reach the standards of the mainstream 30's gang.  There's travelling to be done....preferably alone.  Festivals and concerts to attend while the music isn't too loud yet.  Clubs to visit before you look like the "creepy old person" in the corner.  And (for some) copious amounts of university degrees (and it's debt) to collect, cos you're still "finding yourself".

I've had my fair share of partying in my early 20's.  Still baffles my brain how I managed to survive a FULL working day on a mere 2 hours sleep, after "going bos" the night before.  And I was a fully functional and productive member of society...well...till 1pm.

These days, in my late 20's,  I find if I didnt get AT LEAST 6 hours sleep, I end up looking like a cast member or extra of The Walking Dead.  And that's by 11am already!

Gone are the days of a carefree lifestyle.  No responsibility and playing hard. When you could eat what you wanted, wear what you wanted, as if the cold weather never affected you in a mini skirt in the middle of winter, cos you're "hot like that".  And fitness was club hopping.  And you could always count on your bestie!

And then you hit 25+.

It's a complete mind shift.  And suddenly, without expecting it...you're mature!  You know that burger WITH the fries AND the onions are bad.  Not cos you've read it in an article, but you just know.  Friends have also been lost along the way, but this opens you up to a new kind, possibly those you'll have for the rest of your life.  It could be because they're also adjusting into adulthood.  Fitting it on like a coat, seeing if it makes your butt look big.  And you do that together, while laughing at each other's oncoming wrinkles, poor eyesight and grey hairs.

I have to hand it to my generation for learning from our parents and grandparents that dying by the age of 60 is unacceptable.  We lead a far more healthier lifestyle than we have in our earlier years...again...maturity. And for any late 20's out there, don't you love that you're finally intelligent enough to hold a conversation with those older than us. Not to mention, that our opinion actually counts.  We've gained a voice!

There are the downsides.  Like stress, what is that?! Where did it suddenly come from? But we cope.  We appreciate our parent's more than our former years too.  Now we can see what they went through, because we tend to forget that mommy or daddy, are people too, who were also adjusting to new phases in life whilst dealing with a snotty kid. Granted, we're still convinced we know better, but we're learning.

I suppose these are the years we stop, look back to reflect on our youth.  Accept all that it has taught us, bad and good.  Take a deep breath, and look towards the future,  with your new glasses on...it's not that bad.

See you in the early 30's.


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